Thursday, August 11, 2011

Worth it??

We have a possibility of hooking up with a new couple this weekend. The thing is we are unsure of it's going to be worth the effort...

Let me explain... this couple lives several hours away from us but is going to be only about an hour and a half from us this weekend only. They seem nice from our limited chatting and we have seen attractive pictures. However... We have barely talked to them at all, we still have to drive an hour and a half or so, and then... It's only a soft swap.

Now, this is the majority of the issue for me. We are a full swap couple, meaning we fuck others instead of just oral. And while I know every experience is different so far I haven't found anyone to rock my world with oral, and so far no female has been able to compare to my oral skills on The Hubs. So, I am torn between thinking trying out a soft swap could be fun because it's new and unknown and thinking, hmmm boring!

I once met a woman who said this about soft swapping "if I wanted to fuck my own husband I would have stayed at home" I hate to be crude about it but she sort of had a point. I know that everyone likes different things. The Hubs always says "different strokes for different folks" and I get that, and they are fairly new to swinging. But for us isn't the point to fuck?

Maybe to some people oral sex is enough of a "swap" and maybe I'm really turning into a super slut wanting to fuck everyone but I have been on swing dates when we couldn't play for one reason or another. It is extremely hard and frustrating to want to fuck and have to stop yourself. Then we'd get to drive home an hour and a half! Talk about a long ride that would be... And of course, to top it all off even if we have a super fantastic time we'll almost positively never see them again because they live so far away!

So I really don't know, we are still trying to decide. Either way I think we'll have fun its just a matter of who is joining in... Or not!

The Wife

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  1. We don't bother with soft-swap couples, it's definitely not worth it to us!