Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Contest

Here is another short story I wrote for The Hubs on our way out to Happy Hour recently... Enjoy :)

We found ourselves with a small group at happy hour that Friday night. Just one other couple and a single friend of ours. As per the usual my friend Jane and I caught up on all of the gossip while the men watched the various sporting events on the bar televisions.

Soon a familiar topic arose. There was a long standing "competition" on which of the three men had the biggest cock. As the night wore on Jane and I had finally had enough of their unsubstantiated claims of huge cocks. We declared that once and for all we were going to settle the debate - tonight! The men laughed at us thinking it would never happen.

We drunkenly stumbled to our house which is not too far from the bar. We broke open a few more drinks and hung out for a while. Soon Jane and I decided the time had come and we were ready to judge the contest. We told them to strip down, the time had come. Again they laughed at us saying something about how it wasn't an accurate view since they weren't aroused. I looked at Jane and she said "well, I guess it's time!" I agreed as I moved in on her and started making out with her.

Silence came from where the men were sitting. I was too busy to look but I was pretty sure their mouths were hanging wide open. Soon Jane and I were undressing each other while we kissed and felt around. Occasionally I would look up to see the men watching in awe. From what I could tell they no longer had the "unaroused" argument to stand on.

They were all bulging in their pants and I knew it was time to start working on them. Jane and I started undoing belts and pulling cocks out one by one.

We knelt down on our knees and lined them up in front of us, stroking and sucking we took turns "sizing" them up with our hands and throats. Taking them each deep into my throat I could instantly tell who was the winner of the group but I was having too much fun being slutty to stop myself.

After a while I heard the friend say he was going to blast. I shoved him deep into my throat to send him over the edge. As I felt him pulsate again I knew it was time and pulled out just in time to be covered by his hot load. Hubby was deep in Jane when watching me get covered sent him over the edge and he pulled out to cover Jane. Her hubby was standing between us and said he was close too. I turned to my cum covered friend and started kissing her again. Two naked women, covered in cum making out was enough and he covered us both as we kissed.

What a night indeed... Of course now Jane and I know the real winner of the contest, but who are we to tell ;)

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  1. Hey sexy swingers! We love stories like this and we love your blog. Mind if we linked to it from our site? See you around! ~FC&CG