Monday, March 28, 2016

Something to talk about...

For the first time in a while I am actually a little behind in keeping you guys up on our naughty adventures. And I do mean plural, there have been a few adventures since we last spoke.

I'll start in chronological order. Starting first with The New Guy.

We'd been trying for a while to get me back in the saddle again. The Hubs was really wanting us to play with another guy and had been trying all of the sites to try and find a quality guy. One thing after another the flakes and fakes came out of the woodwork. I sort of felt like we were newbies all over again with the amount of weirdo guys we dealt with. My personal favorite was a fake that I caught flat out from Twitter. I'll save that one for another day.

So here we were striking out in every way looking for a guy. The Hubs was finding time to play with The Girlfriend about once a month and was starting to get really annoyed at our lack of guy playmates for me. I'd like to note it bothered him way more than it bothered me for two reasons; 1. I realize that at some points there are ebbs and flows for each of us. Trust me, there are times that a single lady is no where in sight and you can't get rid of the single guys. So if this was just a "flow" for The Hubs then why not enjoy it and not focus on being "even". And 2. The amount of trouble it was to find a guy I was getting just over it all. We even tried out the local glory hole and adult theater thinking it would be better to just find and fuck someone rather than go through the whole annoying "getting to know you" process, but no luck there either. The whole thing was just too much effort for me to have fun with it, so in a nutshell I didn't want to bother.

But The Hubs, he persisted. You see, He and I are different in our swinging in that he craves seeing me getting used and fucked by another cock. I don't crave him with other women, but I do enjoy watching him in action. I know, it is hard to explain, but it basically means he wasn't stopping his search until I was getting fucked.

Finally I started talking to this guy from AFF. He seemed very laid back and pretty normal. H was willing to meet for a drink and host a playdate if we needed. Finally. We had found a "normal" one.

We met for a drink at a bar where we all three talked pretty comfortably. He was cute and friendly. Honestly he looked a lot like The Hubs. He said he had some swinging experience and all of his answers were the right ones. He had been with couples, didn't mind being around other cock but wasn't interested in playing with him etc., It was all going so well it was a no brainer to continue the evening at his place for some fun. We followed him back and I excused myself to freshen up. When I came out The Hubs went to the restroom which is his way of leaving The New Guy and I alone to get things started.

There was an oversized chair that looked like it would be a good place to play so I went to sit down there. I turned around and there he was on me. He gently led me down to the chair as he kissed me and ran his hands up my dress. He found I had no panties on and I was already very wet.

We kissed and I undressed him a bit as I saw The Hubs join us and sit across where he would get the best view. He was stealthily taking video and pictures as The New Guy started to lick and tease my pussy. He fingered me while he licked my pussy for a while and I sucked on his cock to get him hard. He moaned as I licked up his shaft and he got ready pretty quickly. We moved to the bedroom and I got on my knees to suck both cocks back and forth. They were both so hard they were straining down my throat.

I told The Hubs to get on the bed so I could suck him and TNG got a condom on we were ready to start the fucking. I know this is one of The Hubs favorite moments; watching my face as a new cock slides in for the first time. I gave him a wink and shoved his cock deep in my throat as The New Guy's thick cock thrust into my pussy.

It was all going well... until I realized he had lost his erection.

Ok, it happens. So he pulled off the condom and wiped up a bit and I put both boys up at the top of the bed. I sucked and played and sucked and played with my two play toys. Soon he was ready to go again, so he got another condom on. Slide it into me and started hitting it hard.

And then lost it again.

Ok, I thought. I needed to suck him some more. So I put him at the top of the bed and started sucking his cock as The Hubs started playing with me from behind. Soon he started fucking me as TNG moaned at every lick of my tongue. He was really, really enjoying my blow job and looked like he was trying hard not to cum. Finally he said he was ready to fuck again. Third time is the charm! Right?

The Hubs switched places coming back to the front of me so I could suck him while I was getting fucked. Not so long into it and I knew it wasn't going well again. I gave The Hubs a look to let him know. (we've been together so long we can speak volumes with a glance, I swear it) When The New Guy pulled out The Hubs flipped me over and finished his fuck.

We all rolled over and chilled out on the bed. I played along with The Hubs who acted as if he was spent. I was too, I said. TNG said he had fun and really wanted to try again soon. We agreed, cleaned up and made our way to the door to say our goodbyes.

When The Hubs and I got home we fucked again and he made me release the cum I had built up all night.

I know all of you are wondering and now I'll fill you in. Will I play with this guy again? Absolutely. Yes, there were issues. It was not perfect but you know what? It wasn't awkward either. Male issues are a normal part of fucking multiple men. Shit happens. And I am being honest when I say it is more about HOW you handle it than anything else. If you pout and leave the room like on this night then I have no desire to ever try again. I know not every woman would share this thought process but it is truly mine.

So next time, I'm looking forward next time when we can work through the nerves and have some more fun.

The Wife


  1. Sounds like one of the encounters I had. Thanks for the post

  2. As a guy I say thank you.....Yes ive been there...why wont this dang thing work???? And then if you have an understanding lady it seems to be better the next time. And the next time for me I was a sex god. A little trip to the doctor for a small dose of levitra always works wonders too.

  3. Perhaps dude is married nobody seems to care or even think about that could have gotten the best of him

  4. My husband and I are looking to have s threesome but we don't know how to start. Can you give me some pointers? Also, he asked me for permission to take a lady out for drinks, solo. I'm not comfortable with that just yet. How long have you and your hubby been doing this before you were okay with it?

    1. Hello, it's a fun world but u must have a lot if trust between each other. Find someone grounded, fun, clean and lots of endurance. Not to mention a good connect. Lol are u guys looking for men or female

  5. What's going on in your life? I follow your twitter feed and seems like something awful happened. Hope all is well.

  6. Oh well. I guess this blog is dead. Too bad, it was great.

  7. Well its been over a year now, so I guess this blog is dead. I'll continue to follow your antics on twitter.

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