Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The MFMF that wasn't

Getting to play with The Youngens took about three weeks to come to fruition. Schedules didn't work out and we had to change plans twice before locking in a date for a recent weekend night.The plan was to go to their house and have dinner, hang out and well, get naked and fuck!

We ate dinner and had pleasant chit chat and ended up on the couch four-across. The Hubs decided to move down to sit on the floor below The Youngen Wife. He started rubbing on her legs and The Youngen Hubs decided he too would get in the action on me. He put his arm behind my back and started rubbing my shoulder. It was awkward because note I didn't say around my back, around my shoulders or anything like that. Behind my back. So I was forced to lean on his arm or sit forward. It was just weird but everyone is different so whatever. There we sat on the couch watching television. I knew someone had to make the first move.

I went to the bathroom which was off of the room we were watching TV in. I decided it was now or never, if I went back out it would just be awkward silences and wondering who was going to make the first move. We all know why we're here, don't we? So, I decided to pull The Naked Man.

As in, I emerged from the bathroom in just the lingerie I had hiding under my dress. The look on The Hubs face was p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s. Seconded by the look on The Youngens faces. It was utter shock. I say again, we know why we're here. It isn't to watch TV. She jumped up and ran to the bedroom to get her lingerie on and we soon joined her in there. We each switched spouses and started kissing and getting into the naughty part of the night.

This was pretty much where the MFMF went downhill for half of us involved!

We ladies were on the bed next to each other with the men both licking our pussies. I could tell The Hubs was working his magic by the moans The Youngen Wife was making. Her legs were pulled back and she was really getting into it. The Youngen Hubs was building up speed with his tongue and lightly sucking on my clit. After a while I guess he got really excited and he bit me. My clit, to be exact. Yes, he bit my clit.


Sorry, I couldn't hold that one in. It hurt like a mother fucker. Needing a break I suggested we ladies get out our double-headed dildo we brought and put on a little show for the boys. We got on our knees and went butt to butt, or rather pussy to pussy, I guess. And The Hubs helped guide it in and started pulling us toward each other. I couldn't see anyone's face but it sure sounded like she was enjoying the other 1/2 of the dildo! She pushed against me fucking herself as the guys took turns pulling us together to get the dildo deeper into both of us. 

Soon it was time for The Youngen Hub to drop the boxers to reveal if the saying is true. You know, 'big things come in small packages'... that saying. Well... Not so much, but I have been with big dicks and little dicks and size is truly not an indicator for how good of a fuck he will be. Trust me. So I pulled his boxers off and he laid down on the bed while I went to work on him. (Side note - The Hubs and The Youngen Wife were right next to us, but I literally have no idea what they were doing at this time! Lol)

Despite all of the excitement I found his cock was in no way ready for me. No biggie, I can change that, I thought to myself and started working on getting him hard with my mouth. After a while he seemed to be showing signs of life. I kept going and he seemed to be enjoying it. In the midst of things The Hubs was talking somewhat dirty to the crowd. Almost cheering my cock-sucking on from next to me. I guess that inspired The Youngen Hubs to do the same and he whispered something to me that made me bite my lip mid cock-sucking. Unfortunately, that was to stop myself from laughing. It was just funny, but I pulled out all of my acting skills and he never knew I was secretly chuckling at his words. 

(Sidebar: no, I don't plan on telling you what he said. On its own it may not be so funny to you, but in the whole of the situation it was hilarious. Even The Hubs laughed when I told him! Oh, how your imaginations must be running wild!)

By now it seemed his cock was hard enough for the dreaded condom placement. I never realized until we started swinging what a total pain in the ass condoms could be. They are vital as it is 2013 and there is all kinds of shit floating around but the break in momentum can be a major problem for a guy's hard-on. He got it on and I got on my knees doggie-style. He slid his cock in and I felt two or three pumps, then heard a curse and he pulled out. He'd lost his hard-on.

No biggie, it happens! His wife came over to him and started licking and sucking on him to spring him back into action. I could tell it wasn't going too well. The Hubs suggested I jump in on the other side and help The Youngen Wife out with the cock-sucking. Knowing how much The Hubs enjoys two ladies on his cock at the same time I thought this would really spring him to action. And it did, after a while. And eventually he was ready again. I jumped up and got in position while his wife helped him with the condom. Soon I felt him slide in and start pumping. (Again, no idea what The Hubs was doing behind me with her!) This time I felt a good 10-15 pumps and then heard "no, no, no, nonononono.."

Yea, gone again. 

Again, not a big deal. I made no indication that this was a problem (I mean, obviously it is a problem, but the night was not dead yet. Totally salvageable) but he basically shut down. He instructed The Hubs to finish me at home (duh, that's a given!) and never tried to get back in on the action. 

At first he and I became the photographers as The Youngen Wife mounted The Hubs big cock. Pretty soon, realizing I was now a spectator only The Hubs told me to come sit on his face while she rode his cock. Works for me! I was licked and sucked (gently!!!) as she jumped up and down on his lower half moaning as she went. From there it became a MFF. The Youngen Hubs made no attempt to rejoin the fun or even get his body to spring to life. His loss, The Hubs gain! Lol! 

Eventually we ladies got on our knees as sucked on The Hubs (one of his favorite things to do with two ladies!) and then ended up making a train to finish. I laid on my back, she was licking me while getting pounded from behind by The Hubs. All while The Youngen Hubs watched and took pictures. 

When we finished up we sat around on the bed for a few minutes. I could tell The Hubs could absolutely go again, and wanted to. But I also knew that The Youngen Hubs had given up long before and was now filling the air with excuses. Claiming that only one hour before we arrived he had fucked the hell out of his wife, and it was her fault he couldn't perform. Yes, he really told us and her that it was her fault...

After finding all of our clothing, gathering the toys and condom wrappers we made our goodbyes with open ended plans to meet again. 

On the way home The Hubs and I started to re-hash the details. At one point he started to laugh at me and said, "ok, so you're never going to play with him again but do you care if I play alone with her?" I said I didn't care as long as I knew about all the goings-on! 

We made it home and loaded our pipe and started smoking and relaxing. I took a shower and came out to find The Hubs getting text messages from The Youngen Wife. I assumed they were chatting about the fun they'd had etc. However, I would soon find out she was complaining. The Hubs apparently fucked her so well that she was sore. And she was bitching up a storm about it. Yep, you're reading this correctly... Her husband didn't even participate and here she is COMPLAINING about getting fucked too good by my man? 

The irony is almost more than I can take. 

Her bitching ruined the fun that The Hubs had with her. Almost like it retroactively sucked the life out of the party. And, as a result, at least for now, we've sworn off super young playmates. So much drama and so little payoff! 

The Wife

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  1. Hilarious story!

    I remember from our earlier swinging days years ago having similar "drama" with younger couples. There is a lot of ego and mis-placed pride and lack of decent communication. I love your way of getting things started. Breaking the ice is always the tough part!