Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The No Show

Sometimes it is easy to spot the weirdos. Fuck, they're plentiful in this lifestyle. But sometimes you have no red flags and then you're met with a douche. This is the story of The No Show.

It started last week when I began talking to this guy looking to me a new playmate. He was young, good looking and polite. We went through the normal process; face picture exchange, general pleasantries and the what do you like conversations. We set up a date for 4 days later and ended the conversation. All good.

The next day he reached out via kik again. "Just checking in", he said. I literally thought "c'mon dude, we're already set to get together what do you want to chat about??" but I was nice and we chatted a bit. The next day the same, and then again the day after that. Each day he would check in, say hello and engage in normal pleasant conversation. He never asked for pictures or dirty stories, just conversation.

The night before we were going to play I mentioned our plans had fallen through that night and maybe I would just go crazy and call him to come over that night instead of meeting for a drink. He loved the idea and I said if it worked out I'd let him know. Other plans for The Hubs and I came together so I didn't reach out to him. I woke the next day to a kik message from 2 am saying how disappointed he was he didn't get to fuck me that night. He was clearly looking forward to it.

Finally the big day arrived and I spent all day making sure all things were prepped. The house was clean, the vag was shaved etc. New sheets went on the bed and again he reached out to see if we were still on for that night. We were supposed to meet for a drink at a bar around the corner from our house and if we hit it off I'd bring him home to meet The Hubs. There was a plan change and we decided just to have him come straight to the house (something we never do) so I gave him our address. He said he'd let me know when he was on the way and that was that.

That was the last we ever heard from him. He completely disappeared. No text, no email, no kik whole lot of nothing. The kik messages I sent at the time have gone unread even still. OK, so now what? It happens, chalk it up to not working out. But, I have to wonder why? I'm nosey, remember? I always want to know why. So I'd really fucking like to know WHY?

There were no. red. flags. He had been with couples, check! He was willing to meet for a drink first, check! He didn't ask for pictures except in the initial exchange, check! Was he married and his wife changed the plans? Found out about his attempt at an affair? Was he a real guy at all? Was this some sort of catfish type bullshit? It's OK to not want to fuck me but I just can't help but wonder why you would go to all of the trouble to not show up. HE was the one who reached out each day. HE was the one to confirm the plans. HIM, not me! So why bother?

Ohhhh single men...

The Wife