Friday, June 6, 2014

Round Two; Part 3

If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2 you should go catch up ;)

Side note: The details get fuzzy here, so I'll do my best to give the correct sequence, but after talking to The Hubs the next day it showed that my version and his version were quite different. And clearly I'd enjoyed my last day of drinking a little more than I thought. I would LOVE to have him write it from his perspective, but the last time I tried to get him to do that he basically laughed at me! hahaha

OK, so I'm getting my pussy eaten by The Hubs watching The Friend watch me. After I came on his face I pulled him on to the step where I had been and started sucking his cock. I was letting The Friend adjust to the extra cock in view and figured that if nothing else we would put on a great show. After a while of sucking on The Hubs rock hard cock he told me to go get The Friend and put him on the step where he had been.

The Friend was clearly nervous, but came willingly and I put him on the step, leaning him against the edge of the pool and started sucking his cock. He wasn't hard yet but would get there with some work. I knew it was just nerves and if there was any chance of this continuing I was going to have to chill him the fuck out. He had told me earlier that I was the best blow job he'd ever had. Truth? Who knows, but I was rolling with it. The Hubs had been across the pool giving The Friend some space to adjust and enjoy. I put my hand out behind me and gave the finger signal to come hither...

The Hubs came up behind me and started fucking me as I sucked on The Friend. Occasionally I'd look up and see a grin on The Friend's face. It plainly said "I can't believe this is happening" I probably would have giggled at it if I wasn't wonderfully-distracted by The Hubs sliding his cock in and out of my very, very wet pussy. {and it wasn't from being in the pool ;)}Also, let it be said this is one of my favorite things about an MFM; me in the middle sucking one cock while getting my pussy railed by another from behind. The Hubs and I came together, my pussy sucking his cock in deeper as he pumped into me.

I kept sucking as The Hubs hopped out of the pool and got a drink. I saw him go inside the house and I think that helped The Friend with his nerves. He started getting harder under my tongue and pretty soon he told me that pretty soon he was going to end up breaking a rule. (The Rule is absolutely no cumming in my mouth. It's not a negotiable rule, that is a spot that is ONLY for The Hubs and I share it with no one else. Period.) I stopped immediately. I sat up a bit but kept stroking his cock not wanting the party to end there. He looked around behind him (for The Hubs I guess?) and then pushed me through the water to the other side of the shallow end of the pool.

Pushing me against the wall of the pool he pulled my legs up and shoved his throbbing cock into me. He proceeded to fuck me hard against the wall of the pool. The only problem was I kept smacking my head into the pool's stone edge. I put my hands on the outside trying to keep my head from hitting so I wouldn't die of a head injury later on. I heard a flick of a lighter and realized The Hubs was back outside and enjoying the show.

Again - HOT!

The Friend fucked me hard until he pulled out (to cum in the pool is my theory) and shoved his fingers deep into me and finger fucked me hard. I came again on his fingers enjoying knowing that The Hubs was watching from the dark corner of the patio.

The next thing I know The Hubs is climbing back in the pool next to me. I'm pretty sure I said something along the lines of "oh heeeeeeeeeeey, baby!" I took them both (or so I thought) back to the seat/step, putting The Hubs up on the seat to suck his cock. Realizing The Friend wasn't around I swam over and got him. He played with my pussy for a minute while I sucked on The Hubs but quickly left for the very deep end of the pool. I could tell that was going to be it, and I gave the signal to The Hubs. He switched places with me and fucked me hard on the step. By this point my pussy was so swollen it was sucking his cock in and out on it's own. It was really quite enjoyable...

We finished up and The Hubs got out of the pool and got dressed. I went on a mission to find my bathing suit and then decided to just "fuck it" and got out naked to find my swim cover up. I put it on (backwards and then went to pull it around and again thought "fuck it") The Friend asked The Hubs to grab him another beer, he was staying in the pool for a while. We said our goodbyes and we headed home.

At home I showered off and climbed into bed to a rock hard waiting cock. Another one of my favorite things is the "reclaiming" after we play. We fucked fast and hard and then we both fell over and basically passed out.

What a night!!!

The next day I *may* have walked funny and I definitely felt my swollen, abused pussy every time I sat, walked, moved or breathed in or out ;) But then again, there are few things in life greater than a sex-hangover. After all it's a sure sign of the fucktastic time you had the night before.

The Wife

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Round Two; Part 2

When we left off in Part 1 it was finally just The Hubs, The Friend and me. The Hubs and The Friend were smoking in the pool while I sat out of the pool drinking.

For some reason I had gotten it in my head that if The Friend wanted to fuck me again he'd need to work for it a little. After all I had just watched him trying super hard for The New Chick, why should I just give it away? I was curious if he would even try for me. Also now that The BFFs were gone I knew it was either going to happen or it was going to end in a definitive "no" from The Friend. (see catch #2 in Part 1) So I stayed in the chair, out of reach from everyone and just chilled.

Soon The Hubs (always acting as my pimp!) remarked how I was not in the pool and I should join them. Ok, I thought... here comes the answer. I got in the pool and the three of us continued chatting. We talked about the strip clubs, the swinger clubs and our friends in general. It was an eclectic conversation to say the least. The Friend mentioned the strip club again and his desire to go and The Hubs said "why would you need to go to the strip club, you have boobs right there in front of you. {then to me} Baby, you should take off your top!"

Being drunk and a slut I did it. I swam over and put my top up on the side of the pool and rejoined the boys for conversation. We were all huddled in the deep end where there was a seat. We started talking about our swinging partners and how this guy was into this and that girl was into that. The Friend asked questions as if he still didn't believe us. Eventually The Hubs requested I take my swim bottoms off too. Of course, I obliged and conversation resumed. The Hubs sitting next to me and The Friend floating in front of me. Trying to see if this ball was going to start rolling my legs were floating around The Friend, then back down. Eventually I felt fingers start playing with my pussy. Being drunk and situated between both of them I really didn't know who it was. I assumed it was The Hubs, only to find out it was not.

The Hubs went inside for a beer-run and the fingers continued. Oh, I thought... I guess he's making a move. When Hubs returned to us in the pool we started talking about how the guys in the MFM handle being around cock. I really think The Friend can't visualize another man being OK with an MFM with his wife unless the guys were also bi-sexual. As many times as I've explained that The Hubs is 100% straight as an arrow and never has any contact with the other men I think there is a part of him that just can't wrap his head around it. At one point The Hubs put his hand down in the pool to play with my pussy and their hands ran into each other. To say The Friend quickly backed up would be an understatement. I don't know, maybe he thought he was "busted" even though clearly I was naked in front of my husband. I get it, swing lifestyle is intimidating especially when you're talking about real life friends who you don't care to lose. But, also I can only tell you something so many times. And clearly The Hubs was well aware of everything going on.

I made a comment about how I love having two cocks but sadly he couldn't handle making me a sandwich. It was then that he protested saying he could in fact handle it.... Well, OK then... "So why am I the only one naked in this pool then?" I said and just like that both boys disrobed.


The Friend had swam across the width of the deep end to take his off, so The Hubs pulled me down to the large step in the shallow end. He went under water and began eating me out. Let me say for the record if you ever have the chance to have The Hubs lick your pussy DO IT. I've had others attempt it and let me just say married to him or not - NO ONE compares. Even while drowning himself under water he worked his magic tongue over me. The Friend watched from across the pool as I wriggled on the step under my favorite tongue until I came all over The Hubs' face.

Last part coming soon....

The Wife