Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An open letter to single men

Dear Single Men,

You make no sense at all. For those men out there who claim that women are fickle or hard to understand to you I say BULL. Are we not all here for the same thing? It's not marriage or dating, but sex. Plain out fun and then you get to go home, no strings attached. Isn't that why you're signed up on sex websites?

So when you get a text, instant message or call extending an invitation you better have a damn good reason to pass it up. Don't give me that you're tired, don't tell me you have to get up early in the morning. Unless you have a great reason get in your car and come over.

If you are no longer interested in playing say something. We're all adults. You don't have to be an ass but I'm not going to keep extending invitations making myself look like a jackass. Newsflash - I'm married. I'm not asking for a commitment so it really is FREE pussy. So if you miss out, YOU miss out I'm not going to chase you! I'm not the most amazingly perfectly gorgeous woman in the world but it's FREE PUSSY. No need to say anything else... FREEEEEEEEEEEEE PUUSSSSY!!!

Sincerely yours.
The Wife

Monday, June 27, 2011

Losing it

Sexual confidence is a powerful thing. For me, when I feel sexy I feel like I can take on the world and life is amazingly fun.

But what happens when you lose it?

That's me right now, after several factors combined to leave me feeling less than desirable.

The first is a rejection of sorts. We played with The Marine and had a great time. All indications at the end of the night and during subsequent conversations was there would be more playtime. However it has now become abundantly clear this is not going to happen again.

The Hubs would say I am taking this personally and it's just life. And while I agree mostly I think it's different for women. When we are parting ways with someone after playtime I can already tell you if I hope there will be more fun. And I thought I could tell from our partners as well. This one has thrown me for a loop. It's almost like a "I wonder what I did" feeling.

Another factor was a recent encounter with The Boater. During the playtime - as in DURING he stopped to critique my reaction to his work. I mean, really? No one has ever accused me of being quiet, and I was having a very good time until he belittled me! Newsflash to men - keep your mouth shut about anything critical DURING sexual activity. I mean DUH.

Separately I think these two instances would be brushed off as life as a swinger. After all part of this lifestyle is meeting and experiencing people of all kinds. But combine them and you end up with an adult woman with teenage girl self esteem issues.

So the question is, what to do? How do you gain back something like confidence when you are at your most vulnerable?

Hoping to be back into the swing of things soon...

The Wife

Monday, June 13, 2011

The BFFs

Hello, my name is The Wife and I'm a swinger who fantasizes about her friends.

But, in fairness so does The Hubs!

We have this couple, our best friends. We travel together, hang out together, celebrate and mourn together. We are like family. Except for one aspect, we all flirt. We flirt with each other and sometimes even the lines of what is vanilla vs. more than vanilla. So naturally The Hubs and I use them as characters in our fantasies. Sometimes it is characters based on them in my stories, other times we discuss actually fucking them. Both of which are hot!

I bring it up because here we go this weekend to Vegas sharing a room with none other than this couple. No biggie, we do this all the time... until this past Friday night. We headed out to happy hour where open flirtation was initiated by both of them on The Hubs and I separately and boldly. It was super hot and crazy fun, but so close to our close proximity is like loading a sexual tension gun... it could back fire on us in drunkenness!

I go back and forth on if I hope it ever comes true. It would be super hot because we have used them as this big fantasy, but at the same time it would be the ultimate test of our friendship. I think it would be ok, but I know I would worry about it, and if there is a chance to ruin such a wonderful friendship would we really take that chance?

But then again... what happens in Vegas...

The Wife

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yours, mine and ours

We try to take turns on the play dates. A girl, then a guy and then a couple would be ideal. But life is not always ideal!

Recently The Hubs was telling me how he was feeling guilty that we were about to "skip" my turn and have our single girl friend come over again.

But what I have decided about this lifestyle is you can't fit it into a neat little box... It's not going to conform to being "fair" or "right", it's just for FUN!

So I say bring it on!!! Let the fun come as it may and have fun during all of it. When it gets to the point that you aren't both having fun then it's time to get out of the lifestyle!!!

In the meantime, we're having a BLAST!! lol

The Wife

Love it!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mystery Guest

Sometimes I write The Hubs dirty stories and email them to him... sometimes it's things that's happened and sometimes it is a fantasy written out for him in detail. I've decided to share one with you... and maybe from time to time I'll share more.

Hope you enjoy

The Wife

My husband, Joe has a tradition of going to our local baseball team’s opening day with his buddies.  I stay home with our kid and he gets a much needed guys’ night. This year I was feeling particularly frisky and decided to send him dirty pictures to let him know that I was thinking about him and eager for him to get home. Soon enough I received a message that he was on his way home.
I got out the big dildo toy we use and started preparing for his arrival. I know how much Joe loves it when he finds me at home playing with myself, so I wanted to give him a good show.  I was just getting into the swing of things feeling the dildo fucking my pussy when I heard the door open. Joe found me spread eagle on the bed and gave me a devilish grin.
“Those pictures sure had me going” he said coyly as he walked to the side of the bed. He leaned over and took the dildo from my hand and shoved it so far inside I let out a little scream. He turned to whisper in my ear “oh, not yet baby…. Just wait”.
I was trying to figure out what exactly he meant by this when I realized he had gotten out our handcuffs. Ohhhh I thought, this is going to be good.  With my hands cuffed to the headboard he pulled out the blindfold mask. I giggled with excitement as he slipped it over my eyes and the room went dark. I started hearing sounds of undressing. A zipper going down, a belt hitting the floor and soon I felt his hot breath starting to lick and nibble on my breast.  Soon his lips were moving all around my body, biting and kissing me everywhere as my body arched with pleasure of the unknown.
Suddenly my pussy started getting licked. It took me a moment to realize that Joe was not only kissing my neck and nipples but somehow at the same time licking my pussy.  Being blindfolded I had no idea how this was possible, and I was about to ask just this when I heard Joe say “you look a little confused babe… why is that?” I was about to answer when a second male voice said in response “Oh, that’s because she doesn’t realize what she is in for” I tried to sit straight up, but my hands were cuffed to the bed and I was unable to move.  I couldn’t decide if I was terrified or turned on by the unknown man in my bedroom. There was something familiar about the voice, but he was careful to whisper so I couldn’t place the voice.
My head was still trying to decide if I should be scared, but my body had clearly decided this was an amazingly sexy revelation.  My whole body was on fire as I felt hands, lips and fingers all over my body at once. Not knowing who was where I was left to wonder who the mystery man was and which part of my body he was controlling at the moment. 
Soon I felt a cock tapping gently on my lips. Opening up I felt a pulsing, rock hard cock run over my tongue and into the back of my throat.  I continued to suck on the cock until he pulled out and turned my head to face the other direction. Anticipating what was on the other side I opened my mouth and felt another hard cock slip in past my tongue.  I was soon going back and forth on the two cocks; turning my head and feeling the bed shake as they each fucked my throat with their cocks. Unable to get my hands free meant I was completely at their mercy and they took full advantage, going deeper into my throat and faster until I felt as both of them started to throb and I knew they were getting close.
With as much sitting up as I could do I buried my face into the skin of the man on my right, twirling my tongue as I worked up his shaft and then back down again. Then I turned my head and did the same on my left, just as he was about to cum I heard Joe say “uh huh” and they both to moan as I felt hot cum splash on to my waiting body from seemingly every direction.
Still blindfolded and cuffed I waited patiently as they both stepped down off the bed for a moment. A towel ran over my skin, soaking up cum from my quivering body.  When the towel stopped I could hear whispered discussion from a few feet away.  I heard the drawer open and the handcuff key come out.  With one hand free I immediately reached for the blindfold, but was met with a hand not allowing me to reach the mask. “Not yet” Joe’s voice said from my left as two hands reached out from my right to pull me to the side.  “You can be un-cuffed, but the blindfold stays on. Now mount that cock next to you” he said.
 I was told to roll over and mount the man on the bed.  I did as I was told and groped my way around the bed until I found a tight body waiting for me with a hard cock standing up waiting for me. I straddled him as I guided his cock into my tight, wet pussy. I ran my hands over his chest as my pussy expanded around him.  Tight chest, no hair, nipple piercing… hmm… at this point I didn’t care who it was; I just knew that his cock in my pussy was making my entire body feel like it was on fire.
Soon I felt someone behind me. Kissing my neck at first, working his way down my back stopping to bite me here and there. With each bite the cock in my pussy would slam a little deeper as I arched my back and resisted the urge to pull off my mask. Soon there were lips on my ass as the cock in my pussy began to pump harder. A hand from behind pushed me forward to lean on my mystery date. I took my time nibbling my way around his chest trying to decide who he was.
Very quickly I gave up trying to identify anyone as I felt a cock begin to move into my ass.  The tightness of having two cocks inside of me at once was intense as they both began to pound me.  Hands came from behind me and pulled my hair back as he shoved his cock deep into my tight ass hole. My pussy was throbbing clamping around the equally pulsing cock as his hands reached up and pulled me closer to him. With no warning I felt harder biting on my back and it sent me over the edge. I felt my entire body clamp down and pulse as both cocks unloaded again.
I fell into a heap of sweat and cum as I rolled onto the bed. I felt kissing from both men as my hands were cuffed to the bed again. Not knowing what was happening I listened intently as I heard belts and zippers and then felt breath close to my ear. He whispered “as always, it was a pleasure to see you” and with that Joe said goodbye and walked our mystery man out. He came back and unlocked me, but to this day has yet to tell me who our mystery guest was…

Friday, June 10, 2011


This is a long time theory of mine, and I enjoy testing it out...

No one in our vanilla life knows about us... Now, that isn't saying they haven't been told, but since the idea is beyond comprehension they laugh it off as a joke!

Recently The Hubs went to a baseball game with The Boys. After a few beers he decided to test the waters and started dropping hints about us. Eventually he could tell they were skeptical and began flat out telling things!

He came home and we laughed about his exposing us. I decide what the hell, if they find out who cares? We have an amazing group of friends who may not understand or agree but they won't judge.

Fast forward to the next week we are at happy hour with the same group. I was talking to one of The Boys and mentioned the baseball game. I said "yea I guess The Hubs isn't allowed to drink anymore since he gets chatty"... He started laughing. He said "oh you mean that loa of BS he gave us that night?"

Puzzled I asked what he was talking about... He said "well we all knew it was an April fool's day prank!"

Well so much for the secret being out!


The Wife

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am currently chatting with a potential playmate who is 21... I am 31 and according to The Hubs that makes me a Cougar.

How the fuck did that happen? LOL

And what are your thoughts? Give him a chance or think he'll be too young?


The Wife

Overlapping Friends

The Overlapping Couple was an interesting evolution of information. We were swapping "war stories" about our swinging experiences with (at that time) potential playmates. The Talker was telling me of their other playmates. The story goes the other couple was brand new to the lifestyle and told The Talker how they basically wanted an exclusive swing relationship with him and his wife. The Talker explained that they would be concealing us from this couple because of this.

Who am I to judge? We certainly don't care who you tell or not tell (well... maybe we care about who you tell! LOL but that's another story...) we aren't a kiss and tell couple either! The Talker (who could also be nicknamed The Bragger) decided to take it upon himself to show me the couple's pictures. All of the images were g-rated, but I knew their faces. Two weeks later we get an email on one of our swinger profiles and low and behold it's the couple who wanted an exclusive relationship...

It took a few days to decide if they were somehow trying to play a prank on us or test us in some way. But in the end it was merely a coincidence - a strange one at that. We chatted and met with The Exclusives for dinner one night. It was a somewhat awkward conversationally because we wanted to make sure any "war story" swapping was very general so we didn't slip.

In the end we didn't mesh well with The Exclusives so we didn't play with them. And, somehow we managed to successfully not either couple in on the secret!

But it sure was interesting for a while!!!

Never a dull moment in this lifestyle...

The Wife

Thursday, June 2, 2011


The lure of a couple –
We had played with single males and females but until recently hadn’t found the right couple to play with together. We really wanted to find a couple so we could both enjoy playtime. Who wouldn’t think that mutual play would be even more fun than it is with our single friend playtime we had already experienced.
We quickly realized that finding a couple is a lot harder than it looks. You really have to work hard for a couple vs. a single. Think of it this way – now you have four people who have to get along, feel comfortable and be attracted to each other. Then once you find that couple you have to try and schedule time to meet! Between the constant juggle of parenting responsibilities, work schedules, Aunt Flow schedule (times TWO since there are two ladies) and juggling other family and friends – it sometimes feels like it would be easier to nail jell-o to a tree.
Then once you start chatting you find several different types of couples. There is The Split Decision couple will usually have one person chatting a lot while their spouse barely answers a text or instant message. Sometimes it’s just being shy, other times it feels like they aren’t as interested and maybe they are “taking one for the team” because their spouse really wants to play. We know that life happens and other responsibilities get in the way of things like flirting and or chatting, but at some point you have to show some level of interest or you’re going to lose both of us!
The Mix Signal couple could possibly be the most frustrating… We once talked with a couple for several weeks and met up with them on multiple occasions. However, we never played. We had great chemistry as potential playmates and as friends. The amount of things we had in common was somewhat scary – down to the strangest and most random things. The cell phones and picture messages were working overtime during the weeks we were chatting. And then out of no where a cold front came over the wife toward The Hubs. Her husband was more than willing to move forward, but she was no longer clearly one way or the other all the time. Sometimes we would see them and she would be all over The Hubs, then a day or two later she would barely look at him. Back and forth we went and then eventually we gave up. Maybe someday down the road we’ll play with them, but for now they are too confusing!
The Odd couple was just that…very odd. The wife of this couple was very much into The Hubs, and not a day would go by without all day text message conversations going on between them. Along the way she informed The Hubs that she would be sure to delete all conversations before she reached her house so that her husband couldn’t see what she was saying during the day. Understanding that every couple is different we determined it wasn’t really any of our business how they worked their situation. However then came the day when in one of the few conversations I had with the husband he asked me to watch soap operas with him while text messaging. Really, I thought? Am I in 7th grade again and somehow missed the time warp? I think he was just looking for companionship, but my take on it is we are here for sex and friendship – I’m not going to take on any domestic bliss roles like watching TV with you! Please save that for your wife, and not your swinging playmate! Eventually I told him I wasn’t interested, which he took badly and I ended up having to block him from being able to see us online. She continues to harass The Hubs most days, but that’s a whole other conversation!
Then there is the couple we actually played with. The Finally Found One couple… We planned to meet up with them one weekend when all schedules finally worked out. A few hours before we were set to meet I got a text message saying that Aunt Flow had arrived early to the wife, but they still hoped we could come over and at least meet. We decided to go ahead, why not we already had a babysitter etc. So we went, and boy did we have a great time. The husband was a charmer and I could tell that I made him a little nervous which only made me feel sexier. Knowing that we could not play that night the pressure was off, so the nerves were not a factor. He laid the moves on thick and it took everything I had to stop him at the early touching stages. We left that night planning another meeting as soon as Aunt Flow cleared out.
Within the two weeks or so we had plans to meet up again. This time the mood was very different. Nerves were in the air, I was feeling shy and there was just something different about the interactions between us. The wife was putting her moves on The Hubs, but the husband was making no attempt at even flirting with me. Where was the charmer from the first meeting? What had I done in between that he had lost interest so quickly? As a side note to you men out there – any time a woman is wondering if you’ve lost interest it means she isn’t feeling sexy. And if she isn’t feeling sexy, well you’re going to have to work a lot harder at warming her up!
Eventually we made it into the bedroom, and we finally lost our couple cherry. It was overall enjoyable, The Hubs had fun with her and I had fun with him. The biggest surprise to both of us was our lack of interaction with each other. Having only played with singles before this encounter we had always been involved all aspects of the activity. Even if The Hubs is working on a girl, I’m either sucking his cock or playing with myself. If we have a single male over to play The Hubs is involved in some way as well, filling up whatever hole is left over by the playmate. But this time was as if we were in separate rooms. Because of the positioning on the furniture it was hard to even see each other’s faces. And only on one occasion were we close enough for me to reach out and touch him. Fun, but definitely not what we were expecting!
The one thing I’ve learned without a doubt in this life is never say never. Will we play with a couple again? Probably, but who knows if it will be the same couple or not. It could end up that we play with two people at the same time that is not connected to each other in anyway. Like I said… never say never!
The Wife