Monday, June 13, 2011

The BFFs

Hello, my name is The Wife and I'm a swinger who fantasizes about her friends.

But, in fairness so does The Hubs!

We have this couple, our best friends. We travel together, hang out together, celebrate and mourn together. We are like family. Except for one aspect, we all flirt. We flirt with each other and sometimes even the lines of what is vanilla vs. more than vanilla. So naturally The Hubs and I use them as characters in our fantasies. Sometimes it is characters based on them in my stories, other times we discuss actually fucking them. Both of which are hot!

I bring it up because here we go this weekend to Vegas sharing a room with none other than this couple. No biggie, we do this all the time... until this past Friday night. We headed out to happy hour where open flirtation was initiated by both of them on The Hubs and I separately and boldly. It was super hot and crazy fun, but so close to our close proximity is like loading a sexual tension gun... it could back fire on us in drunkenness!

I go back and forth on if I hope it ever comes true. It would be super hot because we have used them as this big fantasy, but at the same time it would be the ultimate test of our friendship. I think it would be ok, but I know I would worry about it, and if there is a chance to ruin such a wonderful friendship would we really take that chance?

But then again... what happens in Vegas...

The Wife

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