Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Overlapping Friends

The Overlapping Couple was an interesting evolution of information. We were swapping "war stories" about our swinging experiences with (at that time) potential playmates. The Talker was telling me of their other playmates. The story goes the other couple was brand new to the lifestyle and told The Talker how they basically wanted an exclusive swing relationship with him and his wife. The Talker explained that they would be concealing us from this couple because of this.

Who am I to judge? We certainly don't care who you tell or not tell (well... maybe we care about who you tell! LOL but that's another story...) we aren't a kiss and tell couple either! The Talker (who could also be nicknamed The Bragger) decided to take it upon himself to show me the couple's pictures. All of the images were g-rated, but I knew their faces. Two weeks later we get an email on one of our swinger profiles and low and behold it's the couple who wanted an exclusive relationship...

It took a few days to decide if they were somehow trying to play a prank on us or test us in some way. But in the end it was merely a coincidence - a strange one at that. We chatted and met with The Exclusives for dinner one night. It was a somewhat awkward conversationally because we wanted to make sure any "war story" swapping was very general so we didn't slip.

In the end we didn't mesh well with The Exclusives so we didn't play with them. And, somehow we managed to successfully not either couple in on the secret!

But it sure was interesting for a while!!!

Never a dull moment in this lifestyle...

The Wife

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