Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An open letter to single men

Dear Single Men,

You make no sense at all. For those men out there who claim that women are fickle or hard to understand to you I say BULL. Are we not all here for the same thing? It's not marriage or dating, but sex. Plain out fun and then you get to go home, no strings attached. Isn't that why you're signed up on sex websites?

So when you get a text, instant message or call extending an invitation you better have a damn good reason to pass it up. Don't give me that you're tired, don't tell me you have to get up early in the morning. Unless you have a great reason get in your car and come over.

If you are no longer interested in playing say something. We're all adults. You don't have to be an ass but I'm not going to keep extending invitations making myself look like a jackass. Newsflash - I'm married. I'm not asking for a commitment so it really is FREE pussy. So if you miss out, YOU miss out I'm not going to chase you! I'm not the most amazingly perfectly gorgeous woman in the world but it's FREE PUSSY. No need to say anything else... FREEEEEEEEEEEEE PUUSSSSY!!!

Sincerely yours.
The Wife


  1. Love your comments - if you need a replacement cock, send me an email:

  2. Love it - try the single males that are wankers get weeded out!