Friday, June 10, 2011


This is a long time theory of mine, and I enjoy testing it out...

No one in our vanilla life knows about us... Now, that isn't saying they haven't been told, but since the idea is beyond comprehension they laugh it off as a joke!

Recently The Hubs went to a baseball game with The Boys. After a few beers he decided to test the waters and started dropping hints about us. Eventually he could tell they were skeptical and began flat out telling things!

He came home and we laughed about his exposing us. I decide what the hell, if they find out who cares? We have an amazing group of friends who may not understand or agree but they won't judge.

Fast forward to the next week we are at happy hour with the same group. I was talking to one of The Boys and mentioned the baseball game. I said "yea I guess The Hubs isn't allowed to drink anymore since he gets chatty"... He started laughing. He said "oh you mean that loa of BS he gave us that night?"

Puzzled I asked what he was talking about... He said "well we all knew it was an April fool's day prank!"

Well so much for the secret being out!


The Wife

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