Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From high school sweethearts to swingers...

So how do high school sweethearts turn into swingers?

When The Hubs and I were in high school we were set up on a blind date and have been together ever since. We were young when we got married and waited a long time to become parents so we played a lot. We had fun constantly and flirted with the edge of swinging within the first 3 years we were married.

What you should know about me is that I'm a huge flirt in my Vanilla life. This is important because at the time we were hanging out with our very good friends just about every night of the week. But these dear friends (who were both in our wedding) were both single, attractive and one of them was very flirtatious. Combine him with the self admitted flirt that I am and The Hubs had plenty of material to tease me about how I clearly wanted to bang our friends.

Soon his teasing evolved into dirty talk and then one night he popped the big question. We were getting ready to go out for the night when The Hubs popped his head out of the bathroom to casually inform me that he was going to call The Groomsman to join us when we got home. For some reason that night there was something different in his voice and for the first timer I thought he might actually be serious.

The night fizzled and The Groomsman was never invited over, but the question had been posed and it needed an answer. My initial reaction to the question was along society's "norm" a knee jerk repulsion at the thought of letting another man see me naked. That's when The Hubs turned to me and said "I want to watch another man fuck you and make you scream". Have you ever had a completely involuntary physical respnose to something? That was me - and the feeling was 100% turned on. And so began the many hours of talking and fumbling our way through what we would and would not be comfortable with.

Eventually met a single girl at a hotel halfway point which was about 3 hours from our house. I took a fairly passive roll in this playtime as I was so shy (hard to believe now but it's true) but when we left we drove home talking the entire time about what we did and didn't like. It wasn't perfect, and at times slightly awkward but it was overall fun, exciting and most of all eye opening.

After a few more encounters we took a break. For us, it was the right thing to do. In the time away we grew personally and in our marriage and this time around our swinging is 300 times more fun and getting better by the day. Surprisingly what brought us back to the life is almost the same story as the first time. Once again a friend of ours became a character in several spoken fantasies during foreplay. However this time The Cocky Friend was not single, so there would never be an invitation extended to him. Knowing this but still looking to get back into the lifestyle we turned back to the internet.

We find all kinds of people. Some can be both great friends and playmates. Others have no intention of ever telling you their last name or any personal detail. We don't play with everyone we meet and we don't meet everyone we talk to. We're just here to have a good time and enjoy a good fuck along the way ;)

So, what do you think... could you... would you...?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts...

The Wife

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome one, welcome all...

I live a double life.

One half of me is that of an average wife and mother. I have been married for more than a decade and have known him an additional 5 years on top of that. We have a child, and a dog. We are an average family living a charmed life in he 'burbs. But, behind closed doors is a side of me few know.

My husband and I enjoy sex. We enjoy it with each other, and with others. We have a kind of relationship that not all couples have, we are swingers.

But wait, what exactly does that mean? The truth is that it means something different for every couple. For us we enjoy a variety of things, with a variety of number and or gendered playmates. We have almost always been in the same room at the same time. We also share every detail of every interaction with a potential or actual playmate with each other. We do this by trying to keep all chatting done by electronic means (instant message, email and text) and then we exchange media and catch up. We have met and or talked to other couples who have other arrangements, but this is what works for us. We trust each other beyond a shadow of anything, we love each other more than we ever have and our sex life has never been better. It is a fun lifestyle to be in with a partner like I have.

The problem is keeping it all a secret. No one knows about our other side unless they have met us through one of our swingers channels. We have very close friends and family who are part of our every day lives who have absolutely no idea about this side of us. We have some "vanilla friends" who may suspect we have a freaky sex life, but I doubt any of them could ever imagine how far we have and want to take it. Thus the creation of this blog. I have rants and raves, questions and comments that I would love to get feedback on. Or sometimes like any dirty little secret you want to tell someone, but do it anonymously.

So, here goes... This blog will be 100% anonymous, but I welcome any and all feedback, questions and comments. I only ask that if you have something truely hateful to say please move along. I'm not here to debate you on the morality of my lifestyle choices. I'm not asking that everyone agree with me, and feel free to challenge me, I only ask for respect.

Looking forward to a good time...

The Wife.