Thursday, June 2, 2011


The lure of a couple –
We had played with single males and females but until recently hadn’t found the right couple to play with together. We really wanted to find a couple so we could both enjoy playtime. Who wouldn’t think that mutual play would be even more fun than it is with our single friend playtime we had already experienced.
We quickly realized that finding a couple is a lot harder than it looks. You really have to work hard for a couple vs. a single. Think of it this way – now you have four people who have to get along, feel comfortable and be attracted to each other. Then once you find that couple you have to try and schedule time to meet! Between the constant juggle of parenting responsibilities, work schedules, Aunt Flow schedule (times TWO since there are two ladies) and juggling other family and friends – it sometimes feels like it would be easier to nail jell-o to a tree.
Then once you start chatting you find several different types of couples. There is The Split Decision couple will usually have one person chatting a lot while their spouse barely answers a text or instant message. Sometimes it’s just being shy, other times it feels like they aren’t as interested and maybe they are “taking one for the team” because their spouse really wants to play. We know that life happens and other responsibilities get in the way of things like flirting and or chatting, but at some point you have to show some level of interest or you’re going to lose both of us!
The Mix Signal couple could possibly be the most frustrating… We once talked with a couple for several weeks and met up with them on multiple occasions. However, we never played. We had great chemistry as potential playmates and as friends. The amount of things we had in common was somewhat scary – down to the strangest and most random things. The cell phones and picture messages were working overtime during the weeks we were chatting. And then out of no where a cold front came over the wife toward The Hubs. Her husband was more than willing to move forward, but she was no longer clearly one way or the other all the time. Sometimes we would see them and she would be all over The Hubs, then a day or two later she would barely look at him. Back and forth we went and then eventually we gave up. Maybe someday down the road we’ll play with them, but for now they are too confusing!
The Odd couple was just that…very odd. The wife of this couple was very much into The Hubs, and not a day would go by without all day text message conversations going on between them. Along the way she informed The Hubs that she would be sure to delete all conversations before she reached her house so that her husband couldn’t see what she was saying during the day. Understanding that every couple is different we determined it wasn’t really any of our business how they worked their situation. However then came the day when in one of the few conversations I had with the husband he asked me to watch soap operas with him while text messaging. Really, I thought? Am I in 7th grade again and somehow missed the time warp? I think he was just looking for companionship, but my take on it is we are here for sex and friendship – I’m not going to take on any domestic bliss roles like watching TV with you! Please save that for your wife, and not your swinging playmate! Eventually I told him I wasn’t interested, which he took badly and I ended up having to block him from being able to see us online. She continues to harass The Hubs most days, but that’s a whole other conversation!
Then there is the couple we actually played with. The Finally Found One couple… We planned to meet up with them one weekend when all schedules finally worked out. A few hours before we were set to meet I got a text message saying that Aunt Flow had arrived early to the wife, but they still hoped we could come over and at least meet. We decided to go ahead, why not we already had a babysitter etc. So we went, and boy did we have a great time. The husband was a charmer and I could tell that I made him a little nervous which only made me feel sexier. Knowing that we could not play that night the pressure was off, so the nerves were not a factor. He laid the moves on thick and it took everything I had to stop him at the early touching stages. We left that night planning another meeting as soon as Aunt Flow cleared out.
Within the two weeks or so we had plans to meet up again. This time the mood was very different. Nerves were in the air, I was feeling shy and there was just something different about the interactions between us. The wife was putting her moves on The Hubs, but the husband was making no attempt at even flirting with me. Where was the charmer from the first meeting? What had I done in between that he had lost interest so quickly? As a side note to you men out there – any time a woman is wondering if you’ve lost interest it means she isn’t feeling sexy. And if she isn’t feeling sexy, well you’re going to have to work a lot harder at warming her up!
Eventually we made it into the bedroom, and we finally lost our couple cherry. It was overall enjoyable, The Hubs had fun with her and I had fun with him. The biggest surprise to both of us was our lack of interaction with each other. Having only played with singles before this encounter we had always been involved all aspects of the activity. Even if The Hubs is working on a girl, I’m either sucking his cock or playing with myself. If we have a single male over to play The Hubs is involved in some way as well, filling up whatever hole is left over by the playmate. But this time was as if we were in separate rooms. Because of the positioning on the furniture it was hard to even see each other’s faces. And only on one occasion were we close enough for me to reach out and touch him. Fun, but definitely not what we were expecting!
The one thing I’ve learned without a doubt in this life is never say never. Will we play with a couple again? Probably, but who knows if it will be the same couple or not. It could end up that we play with two people at the same time that is not connected to each other in anyway. Like I said… never say never!
The Wife

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