Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mystery Guest

Sometimes I write The Hubs dirty stories and email them to him... sometimes it's things that's happened and sometimes it is a fantasy written out for him in detail. I've decided to share one with you... and maybe from time to time I'll share more.

Hope you enjoy

The Wife

My husband, Joe has a tradition of going to our local baseball team’s opening day with his buddies.  I stay home with our kid and he gets a much needed guys’ night. This year I was feeling particularly frisky and decided to send him dirty pictures to let him know that I was thinking about him and eager for him to get home. Soon enough I received a message that he was on his way home.
I got out the big dildo toy we use and started preparing for his arrival. I know how much Joe loves it when he finds me at home playing with myself, so I wanted to give him a good show.  I was just getting into the swing of things feeling the dildo fucking my pussy when I heard the door open. Joe found me spread eagle on the bed and gave me a devilish grin.
“Those pictures sure had me going” he said coyly as he walked to the side of the bed. He leaned over and took the dildo from my hand and shoved it so far inside I let out a little scream. He turned to whisper in my ear “oh, not yet baby…. Just wait”.
I was trying to figure out what exactly he meant by this when I realized he had gotten out our handcuffs. Ohhhh I thought, this is going to be good.  With my hands cuffed to the headboard he pulled out the blindfold mask. I giggled with excitement as he slipped it over my eyes and the room went dark. I started hearing sounds of undressing. A zipper going down, a belt hitting the floor and soon I felt his hot breath starting to lick and nibble on my breast.  Soon his lips were moving all around my body, biting and kissing me everywhere as my body arched with pleasure of the unknown.
Suddenly my pussy started getting licked. It took me a moment to realize that Joe was not only kissing my neck and nipples but somehow at the same time licking my pussy.  Being blindfolded I had no idea how this was possible, and I was about to ask just this when I heard Joe say “you look a little confused babe… why is that?” I was about to answer when a second male voice said in response “Oh, that’s because she doesn’t realize what she is in for” I tried to sit straight up, but my hands were cuffed to the bed and I was unable to move.  I couldn’t decide if I was terrified or turned on by the unknown man in my bedroom. There was something familiar about the voice, but he was careful to whisper so I couldn’t place the voice.
My head was still trying to decide if I should be scared, but my body had clearly decided this was an amazingly sexy revelation.  My whole body was on fire as I felt hands, lips and fingers all over my body at once. Not knowing who was where I was left to wonder who the mystery man was and which part of my body he was controlling at the moment. 
Soon I felt a cock tapping gently on my lips. Opening up I felt a pulsing, rock hard cock run over my tongue and into the back of my throat.  I continued to suck on the cock until he pulled out and turned my head to face the other direction. Anticipating what was on the other side I opened my mouth and felt another hard cock slip in past my tongue.  I was soon going back and forth on the two cocks; turning my head and feeling the bed shake as they each fucked my throat with their cocks. Unable to get my hands free meant I was completely at their mercy and they took full advantage, going deeper into my throat and faster until I felt as both of them started to throb and I knew they were getting close.
With as much sitting up as I could do I buried my face into the skin of the man on my right, twirling my tongue as I worked up his shaft and then back down again. Then I turned my head and did the same on my left, just as he was about to cum I heard Joe say “uh huh” and they both to moan as I felt hot cum splash on to my waiting body from seemingly every direction.
Still blindfolded and cuffed I waited patiently as they both stepped down off the bed for a moment. A towel ran over my skin, soaking up cum from my quivering body.  When the towel stopped I could hear whispered discussion from a few feet away.  I heard the drawer open and the handcuff key come out.  With one hand free I immediately reached for the blindfold, but was met with a hand not allowing me to reach the mask. “Not yet” Joe’s voice said from my left as two hands reached out from my right to pull me to the side.  “You can be un-cuffed, but the blindfold stays on. Now mount that cock next to you” he said.
 I was told to roll over and mount the man on the bed.  I did as I was told and groped my way around the bed until I found a tight body waiting for me with a hard cock standing up waiting for me. I straddled him as I guided his cock into my tight, wet pussy. I ran my hands over his chest as my pussy expanded around him.  Tight chest, no hair, nipple piercing… hmm… at this point I didn’t care who it was; I just knew that his cock in my pussy was making my entire body feel like it was on fire.
Soon I felt someone behind me. Kissing my neck at first, working his way down my back stopping to bite me here and there. With each bite the cock in my pussy would slam a little deeper as I arched my back and resisted the urge to pull off my mask. Soon there were lips on my ass as the cock in my pussy began to pump harder. A hand from behind pushed me forward to lean on my mystery date. I took my time nibbling my way around his chest trying to decide who he was.
Very quickly I gave up trying to identify anyone as I felt a cock begin to move into my ass.  The tightness of having two cocks inside of me at once was intense as they both began to pound me.  Hands came from behind me and pulled my hair back as he shoved his cock deep into my tight ass hole. My pussy was throbbing clamping around the equally pulsing cock as his hands reached up and pulled me closer to him. With no warning I felt harder biting on my back and it sent me over the edge. I felt my entire body clamp down and pulse as both cocks unloaded again.
I fell into a heap of sweat and cum as I rolled onto the bed. I felt kissing from both men as my hands were cuffed to the bed again. Not knowing what was happening I listened intently as I heard belts and zippers and then felt breath close to my ear. He whispered “as always, it was a pleasure to see you” and with that Joe said goodbye and walked our mystery man out. He came back and unlocked me, but to this day has yet to tell me who our mystery guest was…

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