Friday, August 12, 2011

I think I am missing out

I am naive, I admit it. Almost everyday I can be shocked and surprised by all sorts of things that I had no idea even existed. Maybe some day I won't be surprised at my lack of knowledge but today is not that day.

In finding more swingers on twitter The Hubs pointed out that a girl he was following gets gift sent to her by her tweeps (yes, I just used the term tweeps... Wow sunk to a whole new level)

Being naive I thought well she must be posting some amazing home pornography or web caming or something to have random people sending her gifts. So I started paying attention... And come to find out she isn't going crazy on the home porn posting, these people just like to send gifts!

Now part of me wants to set up a wish list to see if I could get anything, but I also can't help still thinking, really??? Why on earth would some one send me something just for telling them about my slutty experiences and posting pics of my ass now and again...

Still trying to decide if I have the "balls" to set one up or not...

Thoughts? Have you ever purchased anything for a stranger? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

The Wife


  1. Me personally I have never purchase a gift for someone I have never meet in person. I can see why some would send a gift to someone they have never met and only know them virtually. I was taught at a very young age that nothing in life is free and what is the catch.

  2. I'm greatly irritated by the people who have links to their "wish lists" on their blogs. Why should I buy a stranger something, so they're share a special just-for-me photo? No thanks, there's plenty of free naked pics out there!