Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Prepping for an evening out (no matter what the activity) is a marathon of steps to ensure I smell good. There is actual bathing, then shower gel, deodorant, lotion and body spray. On top of the standard tooth brushing and mouth washing as a common courtesy. All of this prepping is to ensure that I'm prepared and at my best for all who may get close enough to care. I thought this was a given, and then we encountered The Smelly Wife.

The four of us had dinner and ended up back at their house. Soon we were formed into a square of oral sex.  The Hubs was in one of his favorite positions with his face buried in The Smelly Wife's pussy. Soon I realized he wasn't feeling it so much. I could tell by how much he was coming up for air, but I couldn't tell why, after all I was busy... And then came an opportunity for The Hubs and I to connect, I reached up and kissed him and left thinking hmm... that was an odd taste....

Fast forward a few hours when we get in the car to leave their house. As we're pulling out of the driveway The Hubs turns to me and says "Well, um... she smelled", I couldn't help but ask "WTF do you mean by 'smelled'..."

Well, apparently not everyone puts such an effort into the prepping for a date. He said it smelled like her husband had made her squirt the night before and she didn't shower since. WHAT?!?! Granted, maybe I'm paranoid (even more after this experience) but I cannot imagine leaving the house without a shower for a normal date night with The Hubs. But seriously - when you are going on a swing date you wouldn't shower???


Who does that? This date was planned a week in advance, we didn't take her by surprise. She had plenty of time to shower. She had time to at least clean herself out in prep for a confirmed play date. Let me repeat that, a confirmed PLAY date. This was not a meet and greet, even though we had not yet met this couple we had been talking for over 6 months this was a P-L-A-Y date if nothing else. There really is no excuse for not cleansing your body before inviting someone to have intimate contact with your body.  

I keep going through the night trying to come up with an explaination for the smell because my brain cannot wrap around the concept. Of course this has made me even more paranoid now about my smells and I found myself actually bringing my body spray on our recent meet & greets to reapply between dinner and drinks! Hellooo paranoia fully setting in.

The Wife

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