Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running out of fun

Let's face it, if you do something repeatedly eventually even the naughtiest things can become mundane. And if you are with the same person long enough eventually you will inevitably run out of "new" things to try even for the most adventurous of couples. So then it stands to question,is it possible to run out of fun?

The Hubs and I have been together almost 1/2 of my life and I plan on it being a lot longer and while we are no where near being "out" of fun but I have often wondered and worried that this idea could actually be true.

The Hubs says there is always something new to try. That with the ever evolving toys and inventions there will always be something new. I hope he is right but I don't think I'm in agreement fully either.

I'm not saying it would be easily done, (I'd have to start really farming myself out !) but even my favorite boy toys and playmates could eventually lose their luster - eventually.

This comes up because The Girl has recently become awkward in our communications. It's possible we are looking into things and we sincerely hope that we are wrong. But, The Hubs also has a theory that she is done with us. Now, we have played with her 5+ times and every time has been awesome. She is super nice and very drama free (so so so so hard to find) and we have always talked like this could be a long term thing etc. So when the strangeness was detected I couldn't help but think, so soon?! I mean if it loses luster at that speed we could be in trouble very quickly with a lot of people.

What do you think? Does even the hottest of acts have an expiration date in the swing lifestyle? I hope I don't know for sure for a long, long, long time!

Still having fun,

The Wife


  1. i currently see a libertine (here in france) and he has told me the next time we meet to fuck i need to organize set the scene etc...
    he has already DONE everything everywhere what do i do


  2. would really REALY appreciate any feasible ideas as i do not want to lose him... he rocks my world!