Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping someone on the hook

Have you ever kept someone on the hook?

You know, the hook when you have no intention of sleeping with someone ever/ever again but you still keep them around because they make you feel good about yourself. Yes, that hook.

Recently I was experiencing a flirting drought when a text message appeared from an old playmate. We played with The Oddball months ago, and it was an getting-back-into-the-swing-of-things playdate and it was sort of um... awkward. (Which is a whole other story I'll tell you sometime) And The Hubs and I have agreed that we aren't too interested in playing with him again. So, here comes that text when I was feeling lonely and what did I do... yep, out went my hook.

Having been on the hook myself, I feel a sense of guilt for the false hope I gave The Oddball. No plans were made, but I did play along a little more than I should have. Is it wrong? Am I temptimg the swing karma by leaving him thinking there is hope? Or, is it being kinder to leave the door open but never committed? As far as he knows he rocked my world so is it nicer to let him keep believing that I'm yearning for him.

Or is that just something I tell myself to subside my guilt for not being 100% honest.

Damn, I totally suck.

The Wife

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  1. I've done that with one woman. I know I could text her almost any time and she'll respond, within 5 minutes we'll be right back to dirty banter and talk of fucking her silly again. But I'm just not that interested in her anymore. Is it ego gratification? I guess it could be.