Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sexy Story: The After Party

The day started off like any other, but ended in a way I never could have imagined. My husband and I were hosting a party at our house with all of our friends, no special occasion, just an excuse to have everyone over for some drinks and play some beer pong.

I was already feeling charged that day so I decided to wear my short skirt and bright red g string and see how long it would take for my husband, Steve to notice. I knew it wouldn’t take very long since you can see directly up this skirt unless I sit in a certain way. Steve noticed immediately that my bald pussy was peeking out at him from across the deck as he laughed with a few friends. He winked at me and smiled as I spread my legs just a little bit wider so he could get a better view. I could see him trying to maintain a sense of calm as his cock began to grow hard knowing that at any second one of our friends could check out the same view he was seeing.

The afternoon went on with drinks flowing freely which in turn makes me extra flirty. Any time we had a moment alone Steve would pin me to the wall, pull my skirt up and finger me while I desperately gasped for breath trying not to cum and feeling electricity run over my whole body. His cock was harder each time I brushed past him and it was getting harder and harder to pull myself off of him as he bit my neck and chest in our moments of lust with our friends just around the corner.

Finally, the party ended and our friends slowly made their exit one by one. My pussy was already dripping wet when the door closed behind the last friend and I knew it was play time. I felt Steve’s hand climbing up my skirt while I stood in the kitchen cleaning up the party aftermath. I spun around to face him so I could feel his pulsating cock in my hands. He sat me up on the counter and we began to make out while I pulled my legs up and he rubbed my clit. I was lost in a sea of desire when I heard a knock on the door. I groaned at the interruption and Steve laughed as I rolled my eyes and collected myself to see who was there.

When I made it to the door I was surprised to find a friend who had not been at the party. Instead, Colby stood there with a smile on his face. Surprised that he was there I said hello and began to ask what he was doing there when he cut me off. He said that Steve had sent him a text message that my bald pussy needed to be abused and he was hoping he would be interested in helping him. My mouth dropped open as I felt my wet pussy pulse with shock and surprise. Colby and I were flirty by nature, but we didn’t get to see each other that often and we had never had the opportunity to take it any further.

Steve came around the corner laughing at my expression and invited Colby inside. As he walked in Colby’s hand grazed my pussy on the outside of my skirt and he leaned over and whispered to me that he had heard about my pussy and couldn’t wait to get a taste for himself. Before I knew it his hand was up my skirt and I was having a hard time standing as I looked back and forth from Steve to Colby. Steve winked at me as if to give his OK and with that I grabbed them both by the shirt and pulled them to the family room.

I pushed them down onto the couch and got on my knees in front of them. Unable to contain myself any longer I pulled off their pants and threw them to the side. Spreading his legs I started on Steve’s hard cock with my tongue at the base, licking his balls and then slowly up the shaft and around his head. My hands went to work on Colby while I twirled my tongue around Steve’s cock and listened to him moan with excitement. I moved over between Colby’s legs and started using my tongue to tease him as I played with Steve’s cock with my hand. I took it slow on Colby for a few licks and then shoved his cock so deep in my throat that I lost my face in his body. I came back up slowly using my tongue all around as I worked my way to the top. I heard Steve moan as he watched me begin to go faster and faster on Colby’s cock. I felt Colby pulsing in my mouth and knew he was close to cumming so I pulled away and went back to Steve. His cock was waiting for me and I took him into the back of my throat so deep I gagged on it. I kept going, deeper, faster and licking on Steve as I stroked Colby next to him.

I told them to stand up and get on each side of me; I wanted to be able to suck each of them even deeper than I could on the couch. As they positioned themselves I pulled off my shirt and skirt revealing my matching red lingerie. I took Steve’s cock in my hand as I pulled Colby closer so I could take his cock into the back of my throat. Taking turns I sucked each big cock until they were both begging to blast their loads. I pulled off just in time to sit back and get covered on my face and chest with the hot loads each of them blasted from their hard cocks.

I lay down on the floor and started fingering my dripping wet pussy. Steve grabbed a towel as Colby took over fingering me. I could feel my pussy clamping down around his fingers as I arched my back off the floor with each slam deeper and deeper. Steve began kissing and biting my neck and down my chest to my hard nipples. He circled my tits with his tongue as I felt Colby lean down and begin licking on my clit as his fingers pounded deep inside of me.

Steve stopped and sat back on the couch. I looked over to make sure everything was ok; he winked and began stroking his cock. He had a devilish look on his face as he watched Colby eating my pussy and finger fucking me. He was enjoying watching me be a naughty girl. The excitement of being watched by Steve was more than I could handle and I pushed Colby’s face deep into me as I screamed out that I was cumming as I felt my body surge as I released.

I was gasping for breath when Colby brought his face to mine and began kissing me. He tasted like my cum and it was hotter than I ever could have imagined. I felt Steve come around and reach his fingers into my still pulsing pussy as it clamped down on his fingers he asked Colby if he was ready. Colby gave a nod and pulled me up on top of him as he lay down on the floor. I mounted his cock and slowly let my pussy stretch around his thick shaft.

I leaned down onto Colby as Steve came up behind me. As Colby pounded my pussy I felt Steve kiss and then bite me harder and harder. I let out a deep moan of enjoyment as he worked his way down my back to my waiting ass. He used his tongue to lick and the unexpected pleasure made me lose my breath. Soon he was gliding his finger into my ass while Colby filled my pussy. I was frozen with the pleasure of being filled with cock and fingers. I was just beginning to think I was going to cum when Steve replaced his finger with his cock in my ass.

As he slid in Colby pounded my pussy and grabbed my tits, and the pleasure went to a whole new level. Unable to control myself I was screaming as they both pounded me deeper and deeper. Steve bent over and bit my back and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt both my pussy and ass clamp down on their cocks and milked them until they both pulled out and blasted on my pussy and ass at the same time.
I rolled over onto the floor and melted into a puddle of pure bliss as the boys sat back enjoying watching me try to recover.

I laughed at their expressions and told Colby he was welcomed back any time… they both laughed and Steve said he agreed, but I shouldn’t be so quick to say goodbye – they weren’t even close to being done with me yet.

Little did I know I was in for quite a bit more fun…

To be continued…


Prepping for an evening out (no matter what the activity) is a marathon of steps to ensure I smell good. There is actual bathing, then shower gel, deodorant, lotion and body spray. On top of the standard tooth brushing and mouth washing as a common courtesy. All of this prepping is to ensure that I'm prepared and at my best for all who may get close enough to care. I thought this was a given, and then we encountered The Smelly Wife.

The four of us had dinner and ended up back at their house. Soon we were formed into a square of oral sex.  The Hubs was in one of his favorite positions with his face buried in The Smelly Wife's pussy. Soon I realized he wasn't feeling it so much. I could tell by how much he was coming up for air, but I couldn't tell why, after all I was busy... And then came an opportunity for The Hubs and I to connect, I reached up and kissed him and left thinking hmm... that was an odd taste....

Fast forward a few hours when we get in the car to leave their house. As we're pulling out of the driveway The Hubs turns to me and says "Well, um... she smelled", I couldn't help but ask "WTF do you mean by 'smelled'..."

Well, apparently not everyone puts such an effort into the prepping for a date. He said it smelled like her husband had made her squirt the night before and she didn't shower since. WHAT?!?! Granted, maybe I'm paranoid (even more after this experience) but I cannot imagine leaving the house without a shower for a normal date night with The Hubs. But seriously - when you are going on a swing date you wouldn't shower???


Who does that? This date was planned a week in advance, we didn't take her by surprise. She had plenty of time to shower. She had time to at least clean herself out in prep for a confirmed play date. Let me repeat that, a confirmed PLAY date. This was not a meet and greet, even though we had not yet met this couple we had been talking for over 6 months this was a P-L-A-Y date if nothing else. There really is no excuse for not cleansing your body before inviting someone to have intimate contact with your body.  

I keep going through the night trying to come up with an explaination for the smell because my brain cannot wrap around the concept. Of course this has made me even more paranoid now about my smells and I found myself actually bringing my body spray on our recent meet & greets to reapply between dinner and drinks! Hellooo paranoia fully setting in.

The Wife

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Perfect Match

I am a guest writer for Rebecca Ammon this week... Check out my post and other sexy post at:

I love the sexy secrets!!!

The Wife

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swinger status?

Are you really still a swinger...If you haven't swung in a few months??

Sometimes we take breaks, sometimes we just hit a cold streak but I've been wondering lately at what point do you lose your "swinger" status?

Lately I've been in a boy toy slump. Some of the opportunities have fizzled and some I have stomped out as quickly as possible. So for various reasons it has been a while since I have played with a man other than The Hubs. I am ok with this because let's face it, he is still my favorite fuck ;) but... How long can a slump last before you are considered out of the game?

Is it weeks, months, years? Does living in this lifestyle have an expiration date? Or can you (in theory) keep going for as long as you physically can?

It made me start to imagine an old woman chatting online with potential playmates while her dentures sat in a glass next to her. I mean, that's what we are all heading for right? When I get emails from old couples I'm generally repulsed - but at some point that's going to be me unless our swinger journey runs it's course before then.

So for me, it begs the question... How do you know if it's a slump or the end of your journey? I don't feel like I'm done, not my a long shot... But it all made me wonder about the grander scheme of it all.


The Wife

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping someone on the hook

Have you ever kept someone on the hook?

You know, the hook when you have no intention of sleeping with someone ever/ever again but you still keep them around because they make you feel good about yourself. Yes, that hook.

Recently I was experiencing a flirting drought when a text message appeared from an old playmate. We played with The Oddball months ago, and it was an getting-back-into-the-swing-of-things playdate and it was sort of um... awkward. (Which is a whole other story I'll tell you sometime) And The Hubs and I have agreed that we aren't too interested in playing with him again. So, here comes that text when I was feeling lonely and what did I do... yep, out went my hook.

Having been on the hook myself, I feel a sense of guilt for the false hope I gave The Oddball. No plans were made, but I did play along a little more than I should have. Is it wrong? Am I temptimg the swing karma by leaving him thinking there is hope? Or, is it being kinder to leave the door open but never committed? As far as he knows he rocked my world so is it nicer to let him keep believing that I'm yearning for him.

Or is that just something I tell myself to subside my guilt for not being 100% honest.

Damn, I totally suck.

The Wife

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Contest

Here is another short story I wrote for The Hubs on our way out to Happy Hour recently... Enjoy :)

We found ourselves with a small group at happy hour that Friday night. Just one other couple and a single friend of ours. As per the usual my friend Jane and I caught up on all of the gossip while the men watched the various sporting events on the bar televisions.

Soon a familiar topic arose. There was a long standing "competition" on which of the three men had the biggest cock. As the night wore on Jane and I had finally had enough of their unsubstantiated claims of huge cocks. We declared that once and for all we were going to settle the debate - tonight! The men laughed at us thinking it would never happen.

We drunkenly stumbled to our house which is not too far from the bar. We broke open a few more drinks and hung out for a while. Soon Jane and I decided the time had come and we were ready to judge the contest. We told them to strip down, the time had come. Again they laughed at us saying something about how it wasn't an accurate view since they weren't aroused. I looked at Jane and she said "well, I guess it's time!" I agreed as I moved in on her and started making out with her.

Silence came from where the men were sitting. I was too busy to look but I was pretty sure their mouths were hanging wide open. Soon Jane and I were undressing each other while we kissed and felt around. Occasionally I would look up to see the men watching in awe. From what I could tell they no longer had the "unaroused" argument to stand on.

They were all bulging in their pants and I knew it was time to start working on them. Jane and I started undoing belts and pulling cocks out one by one.

We knelt down on our knees and lined them up in front of us, stroking and sucking we took turns "sizing" them up with our hands and throats. Taking them each deep into my throat I could instantly tell who was the winner of the group but I was having too much fun being slutty to stop myself.

After a while I heard the friend say he was going to blast. I shoved him deep into my throat to send him over the edge. As I felt him pulsate again I knew it was time and pulled out just in time to be covered by his hot load. Hubby was deep in Jane when watching me get covered sent him over the edge and he pulled out to cover Jane. Her hubby was standing between us and said he was close too. I turned to my cum covered friend and started kissing her again. Two naked women, covered in cum making out was enough and he covered us both as we kissed.

What a night indeed... Of course now Jane and I know the real winner of the contest, but who are we to tell ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

I think I am missing out

I am naive, I admit it. Almost everyday I can be shocked and surprised by all sorts of things that I had no idea even existed. Maybe some day I won't be surprised at my lack of knowledge but today is not that day.

In finding more swingers on twitter The Hubs pointed out that a girl he was following gets gift sent to her by her tweeps (yes, I just used the term tweeps... Wow sunk to a whole new level)

Being naive I thought well she must be posting some amazing home pornography or web caming or something to have random people sending her gifts. So I started paying attention... And come to find out she isn't going crazy on the home porn posting, these people just like to send gifts!

Now part of me wants to set up a wish list to see if I could get anything, but I also can't help still thinking, really??? Why on earth would some one send me something just for telling them about my slutty experiences and posting pics of my ass now and again...

Still trying to decide if I have the "balls" to set one up or not...

Thoughts? Have you ever purchased anything for a stranger? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

The Wife

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Worth it??

We have a possibility of hooking up with a new couple this weekend. The thing is we are unsure of it's going to be worth the effort...

Let me explain... this couple lives several hours away from us but is going to be only about an hour and a half from us this weekend only. They seem nice from our limited chatting and we have seen attractive pictures. However... We have barely talked to them at all, we still have to drive an hour and a half or so, and then... It's only a soft swap.

Now, this is the majority of the issue for me. We are a full swap couple, meaning we fuck others instead of just oral. And while I know every experience is different so far I haven't found anyone to rock my world with oral, and so far no female has been able to compare to my oral skills on The Hubs. So, I am torn between thinking trying out a soft swap could be fun because it's new and unknown and thinking, hmmm boring!

I once met a woman who said this about soft swapping "if I wanted to fuck my own husband I would have stayed at home" I hate to be crude about it but she sort of had a point. I know that everyone likes different things. The Hubs always says "different strokes for different folks" and I get that, and they are fairly new to swinging. But for us isn't the point to fuck?

Maybe to some people oral sex is enough of a "swap" and maybe I'm really turning into a super slut wanting to fuck everyone but I have been on swing dates when we couldn't play for one reason or another. It is extremely hard and frustrating to want to fuck and have to stop yourself. Then we'd get to drive home an hour and a half! Talk about a long ride that would be... And of course, to top it all off even if we have a super fantastic time we'll almost positively never see them again because they live so far away!

So I really don't know, we are still trying to decide. Either way I think we'll have fun its just a matter of who is joining in... Or not!

The Wife

Too stupid

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too stupid to fuck.  I've been having to lead this guy step by step to finding the photos he requested access for... if you're having THIS much trouble with the lights on how are you going to find the things that really matter??

Hmmmm... certainly makes me wonder...

The Wife

Sunday, August 7, 2011

An interesting history

We have had an interesting swing history with couples, and by interesting history I mean really shitty luck. It seems so simple, everyone has a partner and we all have fun. If only it were that easy!!!!!!!!!!! Oy, the details that goes into a simple meet and greet, it takes a lot of effort to give away your spouse! Which means, that when you finally get there and it doesn't work out it can be frustrating. But, chances are it's going to happen at some point.

I am no genius but I'm going to say that it is statistically impossible for you to hit it off with every couple that you ever meet. I mean let's face it - there are four people involved here that have to not only like their play partner but also not be hating on their spouse. I'm not picky, if The Hubs wants to bang down the wife but I don't particularly like her I'm ok as long as I don't want to a) vomit at the sight of her or b) want to stab my eye out when I hear her voice. I wouldn't say I'm asking too much but at the same time I realize that not everyone can hit it off. Which is why when it doesn't work out I do my best not to take it personally. I get it, I'm not every one's cup of tea. But the couple we met the other night clearly has not caught on to this concept yet.

The Jokesters were pleasant enough over instant messenger. I told The Hubs I could tell before we went that The JokeWife was not going to be my BFF, I was correct - oh was I correct... The meeting started off ok enough, the plan was drinks and dinner. The Hubs and I arrived early (by accident) and got a drink at the bar of the restaurant. When the couple arrived they declared that they didn't drink. Ok... I thought, why go for drinks and dinner if you don't drink - interesting. Oh well, the table was ready soon and we headed off to have dinner.

As we sat down the hostess told us that our servers names would be ________ and _______ (you think I remember?) indicating that there would be two servers helping us. The JokeWife didn't like that and immediately started complaining. When the server arrived she started in on him, and I took another sip of my drink. I had pretty much decided that I wasn't attracted to the husband already but I give every one's personality a chance to compensate for their outer appearance. Throughout dinner The Jokesters kept us laughing as they were both genuinely funny. However, the complaining never stopped. This part of the dinner was bad, wrong, over done, under done, not brought out quickly enough. She even tried to get me to complain about my dinner but I had no issue and told her so. I tried to take pity on our server by being extra friendly, I'm sure he thought I was hitting on him.

When the checks were signed (I tipped generously) we made our way to the door. We said our goodbyes and made our departure. We hadn't been in the car more than 15 minutes when The JokeWife started complaining about how we didn't go back to their house after dinner. Now, first of all there was no invitation extended, so I guess we were supposed to invite ourselves. Then, secondly we had made it very clear that the night was a meet and greet only. I was on the disabled list and we would not be playing that night. Apparently they thought they would convince us of otherwise.

The instant messages were aimed at me because she knew that The Hubs was driving, and as soon as he started responding (indicating he was home) she switched to complaining to him. This was the point when The Hubs told me no matter how much I hate being the rejecter unless I was going to want to bang this guy despite my unattractedness I was going to have to be honest and tell him. So I did, in the nicest possible way I told him that while I had a good dinner and it was nice to meet them I just didn't think we would be a good match. He seemed to take it OK, made a nice reply and then never said anything again.

Oh, but that's not the end of it... The JokeWife continues to im The Hubs and flat out bitch that I don't find her husband attractive. She claims that they have never experienced this side of rejection. A) Not a chance you've never experienced rejection and have been in the lifestyle for this long. and B) I'm SORRY, but there is nothing I can do to convince myself that I'd like to fuck your husband. It happens, but I'm not going to change my mind based on the temper tantrum you are pulling out because you wanted to fuck The Hubs and I vetoed you as a couple. It only makes me regret it even less!!

Finding a couple seems to be increasingly frustrating and hard. We have another couple on the horizon who we are afraid may be too good to be true, so we are holding out hope for them even though they are on a long range time frame as that hubby is in the military and currently deployed.

We just want a "normal" couple. We live with very little drama in our lives, and when there is drama we eradicate it A.S.A.P. and this means in our swing life as well. We want someone we can hang out with and then have sex when we all feel like being naughty. A couple who is mellow and still enjoys their own partner and recognizes that this friendship is just that - a friendship between two couples who enjoy getting dirty!

Are we the unicorns, are there really no "normal" couples out there anymore??

As for me, I'm in instant messenger hiding. I'm done catching the complaints!!! :)

The Wife

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running out of fun

Let's face it, if you do something repeatedly eventually even the naughtiest things can become mundane. And if you are with the same person long enough eventually you will inevitably run out of "new" things to try even for the most adventurous of couples. So then it stands to question,is it possible to run out of fun?

The Hubs and I have been together almost 1/2 of my life and I plan on it being a lot longer and while we are no where near being "out" of fun but I have often wondered and worried that this idea could actually be true.

The Hubs says there is always something new to try. That with the ever evolving toys and inventions there will always be something new. I hope he is right but I don't think I'm in agreement fully either.

I'm not saying it would be easily done, (I'd have to start really farming myself out !) but even my favorite boy toys and playmates could eventually lose their luster - eventually.

This comes up because The Girl has recently become awkward in our communications. It's possible we are looking into things and we sincerely hope that we are wrong. But, The Hubs also has a theory that she is done with us. Now, we have played with her 5+ times and every time has been awesome. She is super nice and very drama free (so so so so hard to find) and we have always talked like this could be a long term thing etc. So when the strangeness was detected I couldn't help but think, so soon?! I mean if it loses luster at that speed we could be in trouble very quickly with a lot of people.

What do you think? Does even the hottest of acts have an expiration date in the swing lifestyle? I hope I don't know for sure for a long, long, long time!

Still having fun,

The Wife

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taking Time

I've been reading more and more blogs about The Lifestyle and last week I was reading a blog about a woman who was looking for more than her marriage. Something she said struck a chord with me about my own marriage. I realized that lately I had been spending a ton of time seeking playmates and keeping relationships properly balanced that I have sort of slipped in the way of paying attention to The Hubs. No, I don't mean sexually - I'm not exaggerating when I say we literally have sex at least once a day. But it says something when your husband touches your freshly shaved legs and says, "ohhh you were hoping ____ was coming over tonight weren't you".

I'm constantly amazed by the differences in relationships that are out there, and some of the things I have read are truly confusing to my little ole naive self. I think it's easy to get lost in the idea of "allowing" your spouse to have sex with people outside of your marriage. To me, it doesn't give him a free pass, rather something for us to share together that brings us closer.

So last weekend was all about us. I have to say, sometimes it's so good to just be The Hubs & The Wife instead of Mom or Dad or any number of other hats we juggle. But it was also wonderful to flirt with only each other all night long. We have so much fun when we are playing but it is also good to step back and reconnect as us sometimes. I've decided that every once in a while we should do a weekend like we did and remember the sexy ass spouse we get to share this amazing adventure with.

The Wife


Admittedly I can be naive. I grew up in a sheltered world and really was the "good girl" who felt uncomfortable with saying the words "vagina" and "penis". So I understand that certain things that I take for granted as being "normal" are just really the "normal" for The Hubs. However, I'm starting to see how amazingly different each guy can be.

Today my curiosity is focused on cumming multiple times. The Hubs can cum and go again pretty quickly but in our recent days we have yet to find another man who can recover at all.

Yes, that's right, not a single one of our playmates could go again.

Really!? I mean, is The Hubs some sort of superhuman? Or is this streak just an odd coincidence? Don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying I haven't enjoyed (most of) our play dates. I am just surprised that I'm wearing these guys out so quickly!  This weekend I was chatting with a playmate about coming over for an impromptu date. He is a 26 year old and very physically fit and a lot of fun. He said he wasn't sure if he could come over that night because he had jerked off that morning so wasn't sure he could get hard again.

When the text came through I sat there thinking somehow I was reading this wrong. The Hubs is 33, and can go again in a matter of minutes but this 26 year old can't get hard again after 12 + hours?

So, my blog readers - what's the story? Is this just a random streak or do I have a superhuman husband and I'm looking for something that isn't normal?

Very curious.
The Wife