Monday, July 4, 2011

Waste of time

I am a slut, not a whore... there is a big difference. So when we are looking for a playmate we go through a general process. Only one time have we strayed from this plan that was a success, and that was last week!

To start we belong to a few websites and sift through the people to see who might work and send an introduction chat or email to check for interest.
Then we give you our instant messenger id and begin the process of chatting.
If we all agree then we plan a meeting for drinks and/or playtime.

By the time you've made it to an invitation you have had time to hear our rules and you have already been told if we play alone or not.

So if you're not interested in playing with a couple and don't think you can do it, then say so at the start! No always means no thank you and we all move along.

Recently we chatted with The Waste for two weeks before extending him an invitation to be told that he wasn't interested unless I could play alone. It took TWO WEEKS to tell me something you knew from the start? I managed to respond maturely and wish him well in his search. What I really wanted to say was "Seriously!?! two weeks of you trying to get an invitation and then you tell me you don't do threesomes?"


I really don't think it's too hard. I mean, I think I've mentioned the whole "free pussy" theory so you may see where I'm heading with this. All I want to do is make sure you're not a psycho before I invite you over.I'm not asking you to jump through hoops.only  We have 3 rules that as long as you don't break them we'll all be having fun for as long as you can keep up with me!

The Wife

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