Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The lost art of kissing

In honor of national kissing day I've decided to ask the question: does anyone kiss anymore?

What I have found recently in our recent play dates is that single men don't kiss! I was asked once if it was ok to kiss or was that too personal... Too personal? Kissing? Shortly after a kiss I'm probably going to shove your cock into my mouth and you may lick my pussy... so in a word, no! kissing is not too personal!

For me, it's like a warm up. Get the juices flowing so to speak, and get me fully worked up before jumping into the fun. No, I don't need or want to make out with you for hours. We aren't in 7th grade and there are more fun things to do. But for me if you jump straight into play it will take me longer to get up to speed.

It's kind of like cooking a chicken. You can cook it frozen or thaw it out. Either way it will get cooked eventually but if you thaw it out you'll get better results in less time!!

So men, don't be shy let those lips start on mine and work their way down! You'll be reaping the rewards soon enough!

The Wife

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