Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lifestyle Life Saver?

While recently scanning twitter I saw something that made the impression that the subjects were swingers to "save" their marriage. I stopped, laughed out loud and rolled my eyes as I kept scanning tweets. Articles and blog posts like that aren't worth my time reading.

But the idea began to fester. I'm going to be critical for just a moment - so please feel free to explain to me your side if you think otherwise in a comment. But if you think that joining or going deeper into the Swing Lifestyle will "save" a shaky marriage you just couldn't be more stupid. You should run, turn and RUN from the idea as quickly and as fast as you can. If you think that sharing the most intimate acts with a stranger or strangers in front of a spouse who you aren't beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt committed to is going to be a pleasurable experience for any of the involved you're just to stupid to be part of this life.

Couples like this make it so difficult to find a quality playmate because no one wants to deal with the drama associated with couples. Can you blame them if this is the kind of stuff they're dealing with?!

Excuse me while I roll my eyes again.

From personal experience I can tell you that when your marriage is rock solid swinging can be amazing. And when your marriage is not rock solid it can suck major, sweaty, donkey balls. The Hubs and I haven't always had a perfect marriage, and while I'd still hesitate to call it "perfect" now. I will say that it is "perfect" for us. We have reached a point in our marriage and lives that we can truly say we are rock solid. And this allows us to avoid the jealousy and trust issues that I imagine would arise in a "swinging to save my marriage" situation.

We play because it's fun. It does not fill a void for us or help us to be attracted to each other. We have sex every single day, sometimes more than one type and more than one time! We play for FUN, and something extra. If it ended tomorrow we'd both be fine with it. It's like adding gravy - not neccesary but sometimes it's fun to add some every once in a while. This kind of relationship has grown out of a long marriage and a true friendship.

I mean, seriously does anyone else think this is a good idea at all?? Personally I am just hoping you identify this on your profile so I can stay clear of your drama!!!!!!!

Living the drama free life,
The Wife

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