Monday, January 13, 2014


Maybe I should be flattered. And I am. But, not enough to overrule the fact that I think this whole thing is ridiculous.

Let me back up....Apparently my blow job skills are enjoyable. I'm happy for that. I really do enjoy sucking cock. And I'm very happy to know that despite my complete lack of knowing how to do anything when The Hubs met me I have grown into a craveable blow job giver. But do I enjoy it enough to give them unreciprocated?

Once again today I received a booty call  from a friend we have had over for a MFM on two occasions. He and I text sometimes and I have become his sounding board for swinger issues and coming out about his wants to his fiance. And he loves my blow jobs. Apparently he craves them sometimes. Great. Again, super happy for him. (side note, that is hot) But. He thinks keeps trying to call me up for a blow job booty call. He has tried this tactic 2-3 times in the 2 years I've known him. It hasn't ever happened for one reason: What exactly is in it for me?

I'm a giver. I really am. And I really do enjoy the pleasure that I give The Hubs (and playmates) when I'm sucking their cock. But... in my opinion there are very few reasons to give an unreciprocated blowy. Here are a few.

You're a "fluffer" in the porn industry  - You know, the chick that keeps the guys hard by blowing them while they wait for their scenes. Clearly this is not me, so moving on!

You're in public or a moving vehicle - If you blow your man in an alley behind a bar or while you're driving down the road obviously there is no way for him to take care of you. Hopefully when you reach your destination he takes care of you. Or maybe you take care of yourself while he watches in the car, whatever works for you! ;)

Time Crunch - a friend on Twitter suggested this today for why this dude felt it was OK to ask me for just a BJ. I hadn't thought about it before but I can see how this *could* be a legitimate excuse.

In a Soft Swap situation - This one is a little different because I certainly hope that if you're with a soft swap couple you're getting something. But there are scenarios where the men get blown without the women getting much or anything from the playmate guy.

You're married to the guy attached to the cock - When you love your husband there is pleasure in giving him pleasure. No, I'm not going to physically orgasm from sucking his cock but I do very much enjoy it and when there are reasons to not reciprocate that I'm totally OK with. But that is only because he's my husband and he gets special rules. :)

I'm sure there are others but those are a few examples of how this situation does not apply here! I told him no, this time would not work out and I decided this time to make it known that I'm not interested in just sucking his cock. So I said to him that I'd want to fuck his big hard cock after I blew him etc. etc. He either didn't understand what I was saying (cute, but not so bright) or he opted not to let that information sink into his brain because his response was as if I hadn't responded.

Sigh. I have no doubt he'll try again.

Maybe I should just be flattered... Maybe.

The Wife


  1. Be flattered, and tell him you would love, after you get yours...


  2. I LOVE to reciprocate. I enjoy the taste if a woman and sometimes enjoy giving without getting one back. Don't understand why your friend doesn't at least offer.