Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In a perfect world

At least once a year The Hubs has to travel for work and we always "joke" about who or how many guys I should have over while he is gone. How I will send him videos of my pussy being fucked by a boy toy while he is stuck with his boss. Sounds like a good time, right? For more reason than one it hasn't (and probably won't ever) actually come through. 

For one, until recently I had never played alone. Second, and most importantly we have an understood 'rule' about playing alone with people we don't both already know. This means it needs to be someone we've already played with. And, well that narrows the list down quite a bit. 

In a perfect swinger world The Hubs and I would each have a go-to fuck buddy. I would love for him to have someone we both knew and felt comfortable with for him to have playdates with. No pressure, no jealousy just friendship and fucking. When The Unicorn was around I sent him off to play with her several times when I couldn't be there. He had fun, she had fun, I was happy they had fun. It was a win/win/win. Unfortunately her situation changed. So our naughty time had to come to an end. (And damn if it isn't super hard to find a good replacement Unicorn! Ha!)

As for my list of boy toys... Well... I did invite The BJ Booty Call guy over for when The Hubs is gone next weekend. He originally said yes, he would love to. Today he told me he'll be out of town. 

Insert eye roll here _____. 

So, if it was a perfect world and swinging were easier then maybe I'd be busy fucking around this weekend. Since it's not I guess I'll just have to hang with my good ol' friend Mr. Hitachi Magic Wand. That'll work for me! 


The Wife


  1. We we were swinging we both played alone some but not all that often. Her partner was a guy we had had threesomes with and he and his wife were swingers. I played with a woman who was not a swinger. My situation became troublesome after only a few visits because the woman began to be trying to get a little closer than was comfortable. All in all I think alone playing is probably not a good idea if it is same partner all the time. I also think it better if both extra partners are married and both swing. But if it works it works.

  2. Finding a go-to couple can be difficult. But, if you find one it can really simplify things when it comes to risk and trust. Trying to figure out who to trust can be a challenge.

  3. This is the Holy Grail of swinging arrangements. It can be so hard to find.

    Mr. No Name

  4. Of course this started "In a perfect world,". How we would all love to be there, or even close to it. Maybe hubby needs to let you have a bit more laxity when he leaves you high & dry. That would make it easier for you to send him that super hot video. I like your perspective on your lifestyle.

  5. So any wild updates to report? kinda quiet here lately...

  6. "crickets chirping"...Any updates? Love your blog...

    1. Mike! I'm feeling the love!! Good story coming up... broke my Craigslist cherry this week ;)