Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Cluster Fuck

I can only describe this date as The Cluster Fuck that it was... it has taken me several days and since it's so fresh I will have to be a bit vauge on some of the details just in case they are readers...

It started off fine, we spoke all week about getting together and The Cluster Hub was eager to get back together. We have played with this couple before and met in a non play (yet not really vanilla either) date on another occasion. In every conversation between both The Cluster Hub/Me and The Cluster Wife/The Hubs all signs were that we were playing. So we got an overnight babysitter, stocked up on condoms, waxed and headed out for dinner.

Dinner was casual and nice, easy conversation and good food made for a nice time. We made our exit and headed for their house as was the plan. We started drinking and just hanging out chatting. Everything was going along totally fine - if you were on a vanilla date.

Just one interjection here - we don't mind vanilla dates too. We enjoy these people outside of the bedroom but a vanilla date is not an overnight babysitter night. That is a pay-the-teenager-and-save-your-overnights-for-playtime sort of outing.

But there we were, confused by the general mood of The Clusters. The Cluster Hub was clearly eager, sending me text messages from across the room, while The Cluster Wife was 100% vanilla and seeminly more and more annoyed with The Cluster Hub for his text messages. After all she was sitting next to me on the couch, she knew who the messages were going to!

Six hours into the evening he told me the lamest excuse ever, but basically saying that they would not be playing tonight. It was her call and she had bult a road block of veto. I passed the message along to The Hubs and we made our goodbyes a little while later. We got in the car and started putting all of the pieces together.

Through the conversation I determined that The Cluster Wife has no idea that her husband is emailing me an average of 25 (no joke) emails a day from work. I know this because she made it clear that they can't talk during the day... hmmm... ooook. I also figured out that she really hates the texting across the room. Can't really say I blame her on that one, I'm not a fan either and neither is The Hubs. It's rude and a tad immature, if you want to flirt with someone do it out loud. We all know what we're there for, and if you can't say it in spousal company you probably shouldn't say it anyway. But trust me, when I ignore him he just sends more and more and more. The icing on the cake is that when I went to the bathroom he tried to follow me and she told him to sit down.

Bingo... we have an uncomfortable wife.

At least that's my theory based on the excuse - because seriously it was so bad I can't even tell you. You know how you can blend in the stories so that you could generally be talking about any number of people - well I highly doubt that this one has ever been used, and I sure hope it won't ever be again!

I'm not really sure where this leaves us with them, I'm going to need some assurances that she's comfortable with me or I won't be comfortable playing with either of them! And he needs to be a little more attentive to his wife, just because The Hubs is hoping to play with someone doesn't mean he ignores me!

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...

The Wife

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  1. Even though you've played with them before, I'd still say that she's taking one for the team and going along with hubby (somewhat) to keep him happy.

    They're not worth your time, maybe give them another chance if SHE initiates something, but otherwise I'd move on.

    Now where in FL did you say you live? :-)