Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Type

Have you ever sat down to examine your partners and wonder what similarities and differences they have to each other? Do you have a "type" that you gravitate toward?

I often joke that while growing up I was always attracted to blonde, preppy boys. Then I met The Hubs and ended up marrying a brunette who isn't particularly preppy ;) But in reality it wasn't that I changed my type, it was that as time wore on my preferences evolved and continue to do so. The clearest example of this is one that The Hubs loves to tease me about. That is, bald men.

If you had asked a 20-something version if I'd be drawn to the bald look I'd probably have laughed at you. Even knowing that The Hubs was genetically predisposed to join this group I couldn't imagine myself "enjoying" the look on anyone but him (and him mostly because I love him). Now, in my 30's I find myself attracted to these cue-ball men. (* think Bruce Willis, Jason Statham sort of bald. Not George Costanza)

Maybe it is because there are so many men taking the scalped option over the dreaded comb-over of yesteryear but the Mr. Clean look kinda works for me. Maybe it is evolutionary in preparation for if The Hubs does follow in his family footsteps (so far he hasn't and that is longer than any other dude in the family) Maybe it is because so many of the men in our age range are bald/balding these days. Any way around it, it is working for me. 

So if you're on the fence about shaving off that comb over, I say go for it! I can't be alone in this new found enjoyment :)

The Wife 


  1. This totally resonates. I've always preferred the boy next door clean shaven types, some 5'o'clock shadow was okay on occasion but definitely not mustaches let alone a full beard or a lot of body hair. It's still my preference. Except when it comes to my long distance lover who I met two years ago online. My husband of 25-years is clean shaven and naturally doesn't have a lot of body hair. Yet there is something about my infrequent paramour that I am undeniably sexually drawn to him and his full beard and hirsute body is part of his sexiness. I don't know if I was seduced by his words before we ever met in person or what but he is the only one that does this to me.

  2. This is a great post. One of my favorite topics to discuss with new Friends is type. Sometimes to see if we/I fit their mold, but also to see if they know what they really want. I've always found knowing what I want led to more satisfaction. Can't wait to read more of your posts. -Tracci