Thursday, October 17, 2013


Dear Men,

I realize that women are confusing. For some of that I am sorry. But, I can help! It all boils down to one simple thing; positive attention. 

Now, it isn't the same amount of attention for every woman. Some women feel smothered easily, but if you look at the most basic of female-desires they are almost all based on positive attention from their playmate. 

Sound too easy? It really is that simple. 

If you compliment your wife/girlfriend throughout the day, or bring her flowers, or hold open the door, whatever it is for her - make her feel like you have thought about her all will work to your advantage. The Hubs is a smart man and every once in a while he'll come home with a bag full of new panties for me from Frederick's. It is a win-win, he loves to see my ass in new sexy panties and it makes me feel sexy and confident which in turn benefits him! 

Exhibit A: 

Trust me. Try it out. Thank me later.

The swing life should be no different. No, I'm not asking for a date with flowers and candlelight. I actually don't want that from anyone other than The Hubs. But I'm also choosing to believe that my playmate has at least some level of interest in me and is not just there for a free, wet pussy. So it would be nice to think the guy trying to get in my pants was doing so because he thought I was at-the-very-least-somewhat-attractive. I don't know, call  crazy but the time I fucked a guy who didn't appear into "me" as much as my pussy it wasn't fun. I got very little from the experience other than a whole lotta self consciousness.

So, my advice? Fake it if you have to. But, make her feel like you think she is HOT, and I'm betting you will be rewarded. 

The Wife


  1. There will always be two ways of playing a roll regardless of the variety spin put on things. Either "Real and the way it is" or "Fantasy for fun". There is a difference and the history reflects how the future plays out. I've never been in a relationship which we could jump from one to the other without it just not being right.

  2. Side Note: Regardless, A woman should always be respected as a person even when she is being treated like a cock hungry total slut.

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  4. The advice you give is definitely sound. It's really about combating the idea of swinging being 'different' in and of itself. Sure - it is different. But swinging still consists of relationships. And relationships need attention.

    It's funny you mentioned faking it for men. Men seem to need to fake it emotionally and women physically. Interesting.