Monday, September 23, 2013

When men talk

The Hubs always tells me how he and "the guys" rarely discuss sex. But every once in a while I hear about discussion amongst them about this or that. And I would be completely full of shit if I didn't admit that when The Hubs brags on me or my skills I am instantly turned on. Like, big time. 

Once, a few months ago he was in discussion with The Friend. It was on a trip and somehow they got talking about me and the possibility of us hooking up. The Hubs was (once again) assuring him that this is how we work and it really would be ok. But what I remember the most from the story was one particular phrase. The Hubs told him that I may not have the model-perfect body; "but, she fucks like a Ferrari".

Hello, a Ferrari? Me?! 

It was several days later when I heard the story and it instantly made me wet and tingly. What a compliment! 

Months later it still has the same impact just thinking about it. Every once in a while The Hubs'll drop a random Ferrari comment into conversation with our friends. It gives me the same reaction each time. Instant turn on at just the memory of his bragging. I wonder if he even knows what it does to me. If he even remembers dropping that phrase about me or it is coincidence. Either way, I think of it. Every single time. And I secretly smile and do my best to hide how I'm squirming until I can get The Hubs alone and his cock deep in my throat. 


The Wife


  1. And you should keep that as "your dirty little secret". ;)

  2. We really don't talk about sex and when we do, we brag....a lot. Or I should say when we do, its who can brag more than the others. Thus we don't talk about our sex lives much. And it seems to me that Hubs knows that you know about the Ferrari reference and if he is looking at you when he innocently drops bomb, then he does it on purpose. I know I would and I would love watching you squirm with the thrill.

  3. My advice: don't hide it! A secret like that deserves to be spilled!

    Sure, you don't want the phrasing to be taken advantage of, but letting him share the desire you feel might be amazing for him!