Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crashing the party

Last night was guys night out for The Hubs at a strip club. He never goes out with the guys and I was actively encouraging him to go! I never even thought about joining them. After all, it's called "guys" night is it not? Yet, The BFF decided to tag along with her hubs. For the record this is one of my biggest pet peeves! Not surprisingly soon I got this text from her:

This is what happens when a wife crashes guys-night-out! I had a hard time not saying that. 

So here's the deal ladies...No matter how much you're "one of the guys" you are not a guy! No matter how awesome you are and how cool you are with everything its just not the same. The mood is killed, the vibe is changed and doesn't everyone deserve a night out with just the guys or girls? I'll be honest I don't want your hubs out with the ladies (even if I love him) so what the fuck are you doing out with the guys?

Am I right?

The Wife

1 comment:

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