Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Out of our league

"Oh, he/she/they are totally out of my/our league"...

Typically I hate this phrase.

While I'm sure on some level it is true that there certain unwritten range of attractiveness people stick to. I'd like to think that we're all just here to have fun and not be so judgemental. The Hubs thinks I'm ridiculous on this, and will often state that he believes someone is out of our league. He points out that to others we are out of their league, so it all balances out.

Still, I usually roll my eyes at him and tell him to email the people anyway. Sometimes he does, sometimes he ignores me.

This brings us to last Friday when we got an email on our AFF profile. I had a feeling there was something good about the email when The Hubs started laughing as he read it on his phone. I assumed it was going to be some people-of-walmart type laughter. Instead he pulled up the computer and enlarged the images so I could take a look at a couple who had emailed us. You see, it was a couple we had seen at Eyz on one of our visits. And we had watched them on the dance floor and very much enjoyed the view. And they are totally, way out of our league.

So this begs the question... How in the world do you respond to that?

Do you say, "hey - we saw you at Eyz and yea, we'd love to meet up at Caliente but we think you're way out of our league". Do you ignore your instincts, go balls to the wall and let them reject you? But then when they see you at the club it's awkward.Or worse yet ignore them?? You know, sort of rejecting them before they can reject you? None of these seem like a great option to me.

I told The Hubs to respond with the honest approach. After all, anyway around that it's a compliment and would be taken the best way. It saves us the awkward Eyz approach but isn't an ass-bag move of ignoring the emails.

As an aside, this may be something we have to learn to do. We have had a secondary situation (well, I should say potential situation) and this couple is out of our league too. So how do you nicely tell someone that they're too pretty for you? Certainly not a problem I ever thought we'd have an issue with. I mean, I assume you'd pre-screen your own email recipients!

I guess we're going to have to figure out the best way to handle this... wish us luck.

The Wife

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Recently I made a list of my thoughts and first impressions of our visit to Eyz. But to be honest, the biggest surprise of them all if how much/often The Hubs and I both want to go back, and keep going back. I can't say that I really thought that much about it beforehand, but I suppose I wouldn't have said it would become a regular thing. Yet, as we pulled out of the driveway after our first time we were already talking about going back. Well, let me rephrase that... I was talking about going back and The Hubs was grinning in agreement at his little slut wife! So when we had a babysitter unexpectedly for a second Saturday night in a row we made plans to go back to Eyz again!


Late in the week we started chatting with a new potential couple. The Newbies had never done any swinging at all yet had already been burned in the process. Because of this they didn't want to chat extensively until they were face to face. They wanted to meet on Saturday, but weren't sure about going to Eyz. The Hubs explained our experience and eventually they decided to go. We made it clear this was no more pressure just because we were in a sex-club, it was still just a meet & greet.

Saturday came and we headed over. I had my new slut shoes to try out after all! As we walked in the door across the bar a hand shot up into the air waving at us indicating they were The Newbies. We made our introductions and The Hubs made an alcohol run and we started getting to know them.

I give them both a LOT of credit for having the balls to come out to a club for a meet and greet but The Newbie Hub looked like he was about to puke at any moment from nerves. Poor guy, he wouldn't even make eye contact with me! We drank and talked and did what we could to pull them out of their shells. It was hard to talk to The Hubs about what our plan was, but we did find ourselves alone for a brief moment, this was our conversation:

The Hubs: "What do you think??"
The Wife: "They're not ready"
The Hubs: "HAHA I was thinking the SAME THING! So now what?"
The Wife: "Fuck if I know!"

They weren't ready for a few reasons but in the end it just boiled down to that they've never played before and they just weren't ready. The Hubs suggested (in my ear) that we go to a group room and that way we'd all just play together without playing with each other. Perfect.

We walked next door and decided to take a short walk around to see what everyone was showing us in the windows. To our surprise (read: disappointment) all of the curtains were closed! Bummer. Almost all of the rooms were occupied and no one was showing anything! We did get to see a little bit in the small bondage room. But there was a crowd so we headed for our destination, The Hedo room.

To get to The Hedo room you walk through Lovers' Lane, where there were a few hot couples in various positions doing various things. My favorite was Mrs. Claus (she was like naughty-librarian hot) blowing her husband. It was hot. Through the doors into the larger group room we went. The four of us found a corner with plenty of space. On one of the large circles beds were two couples already deep in to playtime. There were couples on the long beds along the back wall and more people were coming in behind us.

The Hubs came up behind me started kissing my neck as he pulled up my dress. I was already turned on by the group setting (Hello, another first!) and I knew he was too. Pretty soon he had thrown me down and was on his knees licking and sucking the cum out of me. I had my new slut shoes wrapped around his neck and would prop myself up to watch the hottness from time to time until I came on his face.

The Newbies played with each other next to us as the room filled up. The couches were now full of spectators and players. A few were watching us, and we were watching a few. I started sucking The Hubs cock as the foursome on the couch seemed to finish up, they were the largest group at play so they had been the main focus of a lot of couples. The Newbies decided to leave for a private room and it was about time for me to have some cock deep in me.

I took my dress off and got on my knees to I could look out and watch while The Hubs rammed me from behind. We had worked up quite the audience from what I could tell by the time I couldn't focus on them anymore ;) The Hot Blonde on the couch was enjoying the show, and I was enjoying that she was enjoying! I'm not quiet, but I tried my best not to be obnoxious because the room is shockingly quiet. Not awkward silence quiet, just there-should-be-more-noise-than-this-because-there-are-orgies-going-on-everywhere quiet. For our grand finale The Hubs blasted me full of his hot cum load.

We got ourselves together and watched the "shows" all the way out. As we exited a couple walked in with a rolling suitcase. No joke, I've taken smaller suitcases on weekend trips. I almost wanted to stay just to see what was going to come out of that!

The Wife

Monday, December 17, 2012

First Impressions

We had been trying to work up the balls to go to the swingers club for a while, so naturally we had built up ideas of what it might be like.  It has been fun discussing all of the first impressions The Hubs and I each had as we hit up Eyz for the first time.
Time: When we arrived it was fairly early by the club's standards. Little did we know that 9:30pm was "early". The crowd was decent, almost all of the tables in the main bar were occupied, but you could see the bar without a line and there was plenty of place to stand. By 10:30 it had picked up and the tables were all full, and there was barely anywhere to stand by the bar. We also apparently went over to the lodging side too early. It was about 11:15 when we left the bar and we were one of two couples at play. 
Space: I was initially surprised at how small the night-club bar area was. Until about two hours later when I realized there were two more rooms and bars attached if I walked around the corner. Then I was surprised at how huge it is! Not many couples in the other bars, made a mental note for when the bar out front had a long line.
Age: First of all I was surprised at the age range. There were very few people in their 30s, and even some in their 70's (No joke - this dude was 75 if a day) but the majority fell between 40 and 60. With an emphasis on the late 40-60... Ok, so the second age surprise was the crowd was older than I expected. When I say a few in their 30s I mean like maybe 6 total - including the two of us and The Travelers two. Not an ageist, I'm not saying I wasn't enjoying some of the people despite age. I'm just saying there were so few "younger" people there it was surprising. We wonder if Friday is a different crowd.
Buffet: Yep, there was a buffet. WHY???? I don't know, maybe it's just me but I just find that really odd. Eat dinner before hand people - then freshen up and come to the club.
Single Men: I knew that they have a whole different set of rules.  And I knew that they have to pay more just to walk in the door. But I didn't know that they have to be invited in to any room or they are stuck in the hallway. And that if the couple or single lady who invited them in leaves they have to leave too. I honestly didn't expect there to be very many. It seems like a big investment for a big potential of no tangible pay-off. The Hubs tells me that for a man, just watching maybe worth the cover charge. Maybe.
Friendliness: Don't get me wrong. The term "Meat-Market" explains it pretty well. Everyone looks you up and down, but overall I have been struck by how generally friendly everyone is. Sure some look creepy (there is one in every crowd, right?) and some aren't attractive/ted to you, but overall there wasn't anyone who was rude at all. Everyone is there for the same reason and no one makes you feel like shit for being there too.
Noise: More to come on this, but this last weekend on our second trip we played in The Hedo Room, which is a group room. I was amazed at how quiet it was in there while we were at play. I'm self-admittedly vocal during sex, but seriously it was really quiet in there especially for the amount of sex going on.
Cleanliness: I was afraid to ask this one, but luckily The Hubs had seen the signs that said each room was cleaned in between use. As in, some poor chick strips down the sheets and cleans up after every single fuck fest?? WOW. I really hope she gets paid well. But, I can't say I wasn't really glad to hear that. Especially after seeing some fountain squirters in my days (not a bad thing) just saying it wouldn't be sexy to play in there afterward without a clean up in between. I saw her this weekend on our way out and I almost hugged her for taking on such a job.
Attire: The range of dress code interpretation was from the extreme of almost entirely naked to jeans, loafers, mock turtle neck and knit sweater. Again, no joke. I opted for the little black dress look with slut shoes. The Hubs wore jeans and a button down long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. There were men in suits. Women in lingerie. Women in sky-high heels and some in flip-flops. There was no right or wrong, again everyone just let everyone be who they were.
I'm sure there is more but these are a few for now. Coming up next in this series: Our second visit and play time in the Hedo room...
The Wife

Friday, December 14, 2012

Losing our Swingers-Club Virginity

I recently mentioned that The Hubs and I are getting back into the "swing" of things and this past weekend was shaping up to be an epic time meeting potential playmates. By Wednesday we appeared to be overbooked on Saturday and were starting to discuss who to push off. And then just as quickly as it came together they started going south.

One couple turned out to be a fake. Love that.
One couple got an unexpected visitor from the wife's cycle.
The last couple had posted on SLS that they wanted to go out finally indicated they just wanted to go bar hopping. Cool most of the time, but we were looking for some naughty fun.

Then The Hubs got into a conversation with someone on SLS about the Swingers Club Eyz Wide Shut. It gave him an idea and we started talking about the possibility of going. We were both Swingers-Club virgins and to tell you the truth 100% terrified of the unknown of it all.

What if someone I'm not attracted to wants to play? How do you politely say no? What if the place is jam-packed with old people?? What if I walk in and everyone thinks, "what is she doing here?" What if we see someone we know? What if, what if, what if what if.... We had a million of them. We'd thought about going one time before and ended up wimping out and we drove away. We had every reason not to go. We had a paid-babysitter (meaning the clock was cha-chinging with every hour instead of a free and overnight with a family member) it was a new sitter and cell phones aren't allowed. We could think of no practical reason to allow ourselves to go. But still... as we debated leaving dinner the seed had been planted and we both really wanted to go. Sure, it was scary but it was good scary and it was going to be fucking hot.

When you've been with the same partner for a while you start to run out of "firsts". And for the most part that is a great thing, but here after 16 years together we were having a first. I can't tell you how glad I was that I was there with him. I kept telling myself going into it that at least I wasn't a single girl, I knew I was going to fuck The Hubs anyone else would be gravy. Plus, he doesn't show his nerves - so he can walk through a room looking like he's uber confident while I trail behind him!

We got there and paid our fee. You have two options, you can buy admission to just the bar area or full-access to the bar and the lodging. (Lodging is where all the play happens)

We opted for full-access because, well... we weren't pussing out now! We made our way in and got our drinks and a seat. We started recognizing people from both SLS and AFF. We spent a while people-watching from the bar downstairs. Eventually we moved upstairs to a perch over the dance floor. When we got up there we found a couple we had emailed with briefly. They were only in town for the night from out of state and had asked about entertainment recommendations on a chat board. They made it clear on their profile they weren't into one-night stands so they weren't looking to play and had only paid for access to the bar. They were easy to talk to because we had no pressure. We were just hanging out.

The four of us decided to take a tour of the lodging side. For The Travelers it was their peak into the other side and for The Hubs and I it was a preview of what we were in for later. We walked next door and checked our cell phones in at the front desk. The Hubs led the way and Junior met us in a dark hallway. It was very quiet, and he took us around to show us the rooms and went over some of the rules for couples and single men. (PS - they're very different, more on that later) We walked through the group room called "Lover's Lane" there had to be 10 couches, 2 double beds, 3-4 sex-chair/loungers and plenty of floor space. Through LL was the Hedo room where we walked in as the only couple at play (it was still kind of early for that) was going at it. I couldn't see much of her except her legs were up in a trapeze looking contraption. She was getting fisted and squirting like a fountain. It was quite a welcome!

The tour ended and we went back to the bar. The crowd had picked up some in the time we were gone and our perfect watch-over-everyone spot was gone. We drank a little more and talked. And people-watched.

Eventually The Travelers said it was time for them to head back to their hotel and we were ready to play.

We went next door and re-checked in our phones and went in to explore. We were intending to head to Lovers Lane when the people walking out past us warned LL was "some really weird old people" so we diverted to a private room.

We left the curtain to the hallway open part-way so that if anyone wanted to watch they were welcome to. I was already turned on by the whole night and the excitement of being in the moment made for a soaking wet pussy when The Hubs went in tongue first. He was loving how wet and creamy I was for him already. When he went to town on me I lost it and came on his face. I sucked his cock from the end of the bed until he needed to be inside of me. On and off I had seen a guy in the window watching. At one point the door knob was tested (an club-etiquette faux pas) but I was getting a hard cock slammed into me so I didn't care!

After The Hubs filled me with his cum we started putting ourselves back together (we had a babysitter to come home to after all) and looked around and realized there weren't any towels in there. In both of the group rooms there had been stacks in cabinets in several places. Oh well, oozing the cum out it would be!

In a word, the night was perfect. There wasn't anything to make the experience negative, no pressure and a lot of fun. So many impressions, more questions, thoughts etc. So many blog posts to come on this subject.

What's really funny is we're already planning our next trip back, as in this weekend.

Uh oh, seems we've got a new hobby...

More to come!

The Wife

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monogamy and the Swinger Marriage

Yes, kids it's true. Even in an a swinger relationships there will be bouts of monogamy. Some longer than others, some for good reasons and some for no reason at all. A while back I wondered about at what point I would consider it a change in swinger status. And now I sit realizing it's been almost a year since we've played with anyone.

How did we get to a year already?

It started with a negative experience. Let's just say The Uninterested Man was uninteresting and the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. (pun fully intended) So, with the holidays approaching I cooled it on the websites for a while. Pretty soon it was time to renew our memberships and I decided to just use the free version. Which ended up being annoying so I used it even less. Life events, vacations, missed dates, cold streak of potentials and a vicious cycle of excuses later here we are almost a whole year later.

Are we missing it? Sexually, no. I don't need others to fulfill my orgasmic needs. The Hubs can more than take care of that. But, for the adventurous side of each of us? Sure, I think we miss some parts of it. So, we're heading back into the scene and little more seriously.

It's a bit like being the new kid again, so until we get into the groove we'll be like gangley baby giraffes trying to find our legs (again). At least we're in it together and if I make a huge ass of myself I know he'll still fuck me... it's the little things :)

As long as you love the one you're with, a little monogamy (even in a swinger marriage) can be just as much fun.

The Wife