Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sharing a married woman

I just got an email on AFF that at first glance looked promising - in that there were quite a few thoughts included. (Sad isn't it that just by being a long email I think it could be promising?!) But then I started to read it. Phrases started to pop out at me like "I'm looking for a partner" and "Someone to love me"...

Wait.... Love you??

Um, what part of I'm married makes you think that I'm going to be the one to love you. I get that The Hubs and I have an unconventional marriage but let me get this point straight - he's the only one I love.


This exchange made me think of a time a man said to me in an email that he couldn't wait to "share me with The Hubs". That along with a few other things was his demise. From that statement and others made The Dude was making it more about him allowing The Hubs to join vs. The Hubs sharing me with The Dude.

Not cool The Dude, not cool.

It may seem like semantics to you, but in the world of swinging and dealing with single men respect for your spouse is almost more important than anything else. If The Hubs is uncomfortable I'm not going to be having any fun because I'll be worrying about him. And if you're not having fun then what the fuck is the point?

So dudes, realize that her husband or boyfriend is sharing her with you for fun. No strings attached sex. You know, the stuff you all say you want. It really is true that there are women out there who consider love and sex to be completely separate. So just enjoy and don't fuck it up before you even get the pussy!

And Pro Tip:  No one is looking for love on a Swinger website, go to eHarmony or, not AFF. That's just stupidity.

The Wife


  1. I totaly agree. My wife and I have an open lifestyle, more her than me (i like my wife to have fun). I also like to watch in an active role.

    We were in contact with a guy from a swingers site who crossed the line (our rules) before meeting. Nothing is hidden from either of us, anyway I text my wifes prospective FB which required a response from him to me. I'm still waiting for the reply! However he replied to the text via my wife, nah not good lifestyle etiquette. So the meet was OFF.

    Here I am quite happy and comfortable for another man to have sex with my wife, (yes for my wife and my sexual enjoyment). It just requires respect from the third party towards the couple.

    If I were a cuckold different story. Everything is laid on the table on our profile and in correspondence to the prospective third party. I say third party as my wife is Bi.


  2. I too share a married woman and I am a female bisexual of a similar age.
    She and I enjoy our times together and it in no way interferes with her relationship with her husband- she just enjoys sex with another woman at times as she did before marriage and found afterwards she still desired that form of physical pleasure. He knows me - and that she and I have a sexual relationship. I have no sexual or social contact with him nor do we discuss the sexual relationships between us.
    He respects the arrangement and wants nothing more than for her to be happy.