Friday, March 14, 2014


Remember when I said this "Since it was for a city we don't live in, he even put our face pictures out there! When he told me I thought hmmm... I wonder if we'd be recognized by anyone?" about our Craigslist ad? Well, lets just say the city of New Orleans is a lot smaller than you may realize.

The group decided to go off Bourbon for a nice dinner on our second night. When we arrived we had a short wait for our table and got a seat at the bar for a drink. I was sitting facing away from the bar with The Hubs standing next to me as we talked with our friends. All of the sudden the guy at the end of the bar gets The Hubs attention and calls him over to him. Having never seen this man before it was not shocking that I could see the question all over The Hubs' face and it plainly said "WTF".

I was the closest to the man and I could just barely catch a word he said. I swore he said the word "Craigslist". Soon The Hubs laughed, shook his hand and walked back. Naturally our friends were asking questions so The Hubs said that he said he looked super familiar and couldn't figure out why so he just wanted to shake his hand.

Ok, I thought... that's a cover story. For sure.

We were seated a few minutes later and I was able to whisper to The Hubs to ask if I had actually heard what I thought I heard. He laughed, yes I had. The man had recognized me from the ad as soon as I walked in the bar. In the moment The Hubs said no to him so that it would be dropped in front of our friends.

What are the odds, we laughed to ourselves when we looked up and realized there was a guy at the very next table who had been a "no". WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON!?! In a city of millions we run into TWO men who saw us on Craigslist in the same restaurant? Luckily that guy didn't recognize us, or I think our friends really would have been questioning!!

The Wife


  1. Funny. And Scary. Glad he didn't out you.

  2. Apparently, a LOT of people read Craigslist!

  3. Have you taken down your Craigslist posting? There is one there of a very nice looking couple. If you two, you might not want it to stay up. Love your blog.