Friday, April 27, 2012

Mobile blogger

I'm trying out my new mobile blogger app so here are my boobs...enjoy ;)

The Wife

Question & Answer


What's happening with Friendly McFrienderton now that he knows about you? Will there be a hook up?


This is a complicated answer... Really, it's a complicated question. You have to break it down.

First, would he?

Let's start with it is highly possible that he would have no interest in a play date. Just because you find out someone fucks other people doesn't always mean that will turn you on. Also he has a special someone and since he is not a swinger the odds of him having permission to bang a married chick is kinda slim!

Which brings us to the second part of the question... Would I?

Short answer: Yes and no.

Yes in that if nothing else was a factor. But life is complicated and when you care about someone as a friend you don't actively try and hurt them. And wouldn't that be what I was doing?

So he'll be added to my yes but no list with The BFF's Hubs.


The Wife

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exit Strategy

The initial conversation with potential playmates is filled with unknowns

Will they be awesome or will this fizzle? 

Will they become our newest go-to playmate?

Or will they be better suited for a one night stand? 

Most of the time you go into the conversations blindly, since people on swinger websites like AFF and SLS have their faces blurred or cropped out to protect their identity. The Hubs and I are no exception. We have no face pictures on our profiles that aren't edited beyond recognition. So the conversations almost always start out the same...Introductions, small talk, picture exchange etc.

If there is potential the conversations go from there, but the real problem lies when you realize it is a dead end. Sometimes it's when you open the first picture (we've all been on both sides of that one) other times it's after talking a long time you just realize there is no connection/attraction. We chat with potentials online for a while before meeting in person for a drink. The main reason we do that is because of that awful awkward uh oh moment when you realize you really don't like these people. Well, that's a whole lot easier online than in person. I feel bad, but at the same time don't want to take one for the team to avoid hurting any one's feelings. So when you're online, talking to a perfect stranger and you realize this is a waste of your time what do you do?

You could be honest. Generally speaking I'd say honesty is the best policy. Of course, I'm talking about nice honesty, but really is there any nice way of saying you're not attracted to them? No matter how gently it's put it will always be a sting to the recipient. The most memorable honest route was with a couple we chatted with. They were both very nice and not bad looking, but for me there just wasn't any sexual attraction. I decided to be honest and very nicely told him that I didn't think this was going to work out. He didn't take it so nicely.

He wasn't outwardly pissy, but it was pretty obvious. Imagine a 12 year old having a didn't-get-my-way temper tantrum. Messages on the instant messenger directed at me and finally I decided to just block him out of my profile. There is no need for that in my life. Swinging is for fun, I have enough drama in real life thank you very much.

The other option is to ditch. Let's be real here - it's anonymous up until a certain point, and you control that point. So if you get a picture of a playmate and you know you're not going to bang them you can always ditch. But, isn't that really immature and kinda asshole-ish? But then I think of The Reject Brat and his tempter tantrum when I gave him the respect of an honest and kind answer. It's rather tempting to just log offline and change your stealth settings to make them think you're just gone forever. *POOF* gone.

Basically, you're fucked either way. Sorry kids, it's the truth.

So what do you think? Honesty or Ditch?

The Wife

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I wonder

Some random wonderings from The Wife...

I wonder why people get so offended on Twitter. If you say you're a swinger, don't get offended if someone says they want to fuck your wife. I mean, seriously? Go to vanilla twitterville if you can't handle it.

I wonder if Friendly McFrienderton has been staying updated on my naughtiness. He decided that night that he would not officially follow me (so that my name wouldn't be on his follower list, remember - he's not a swinger!) we all know the exhibitionist in me certainly doesn't care if he watches! So I didn't expect to suddenly hear commentary from him, and as a whole I appreciate that, but I catch myself wondering if he is still lurking out there.

I wonder why people bad mouth their spouses on Twitter - when the spouse follows them. I mean, first of all I think it's rude. But on top of that, hellooooo - THEY CAN SEE IT. Isn't that just asking for an argument? I continue to be amazed by people. We all need to let out a bitch or two, but at least subtweet it!

I wonder why people announce that they're leaving Twitter. If you have an anonymous account and feel the real need to leave then I say ya just go on ahead and go. A public twittercide is almost never sincere which means it's just annoying. A tweep the other day said people should be banned from Twitter if they have more than 2 failed Twittercides. I second that whole heartedly!

I wonder what I should post about next... Do you have any questions for me?

Taking credit

Last week I got a got a gift from my wish list. (Apparently they really do work) But since it come to me anonymously from Amazon I didn't know who it was from. Since my wish list is only on my Twitter profile I sent out the all call to see who had sent me the new toy.

A few hours later a man replied that he had sent it. I thanked him and started following him. We chatted a bit and I told him I would be playing with it later and would take pictures to post. We didn't get in depth but he did ask several times about when I was going to use the toy (had to wait until all small people are in bed, if ya know what I mean?)

As I went to start playing I noticed a name on the Amazon sticker. A name that didn't match the ethnicity of the man claiming credit. But, still no one else had said anything so I had nothing else to go on other than a gut feeling that it wasn't from him. The Hubs and I played with the toy and he fucked the hell outta me and it was HOT. I took a few pics of it and then posted them on Twitter as my thanks.

It wasn't until the next day that a new tweep came forward asking if I had gotten the toy. This man matched the description, time zone and was definitely the actual purchaser. I reached out to the first guy and asked him. After a long delay he finally fessed up.

While I think he's harmless I can't help but wonder what's the end game? He tried to pull the same thing with a friend of mine so it's probably not the only time he's done this. Ballsy, though - I mean as I said to him, you had to know the person who actually did send it would eventually say something and you'd be busted. Plus, I posted the pictures publicly so he would have gotten to see them even without the whole story!

Oh well, a few days later my new friend (the real one) sent me one more thing...

The Wife