Thursday, November 15, 2012


* Note: This post has been coming for a while, but a string of recent events have this bubbling up. Notice I say string of events - no one event or person is to blame - so if you think I'm talking about you get over yourself.
Just me. I'm not perfect, and I've never claimed to be. You'll never see me considering myself part of the elite. I am a simple girl who likes to share her random slut humor. I have never lied about who or what I am. I've never claimed to have a perfect body or be the most attractive woman alive.
When I claim a picture is me it means it really is me. (The avi used for the blog is obviously not me and anytime I've been asked I've immediately acknowledged that fact) If you follow my tumblr or twitter account and think I'm a super-model perfect woman and come without flaws you are delusional.
I am real.
I am a real woman.
I can name more flaws about myself just off the top of my head than you could spot in an hour of looking at me naked.
That said... Fuck you and your elitist asshole attitude. I am not, was not and will not be embarrassed for being me. 
Recently I noticed a twitter bio that said she was "unapologetically real" and I thought ya know what, this is one of my favorite parts about the swing lifestyle - there is someone for everyone so no one feels the need to change to please others. In the swinging lifestyle you'll find all sorts of people. So why would I be embarrassed for being exactly who I am. Maybe I'm not a match for you, maybe you're not a match for me. Maybe we'll click but our spouses will absolutely despise each other. Who the fuck knows. And guess what - who the fuck cares.
In my real life I am the typical woman. Self-conscious, always trying to change flaws on the inside and out. I get it. But when I am Jane Smith, or InsertAFFprofilename, InsertSLSprofilename or SwingerWifeinFL I will not apologize for being exactly who I am and I will not be embarrassed for not being up to your standards.
Feel free to unfollow, stop reading or stop looking at the pics. I really don't care one way or the other.
Rant over.
The Wife