Saturday, August 31, 2013


I enjoy sucking cock. I do. Depending on the situation and playmate it can be a lot of fun. I love that in that moment I am in control of the pleasure for my playmate and making The Hubs groan from my tongue twirls makes my pussy drip. It is always a good time with my playmates. 

Except when there is bush. 

Maybe some of you ladies are cool with it, but for this slut I have an aversion to the pubic hair. Sure, its a pain in the ass to keep up the manscaping maintenance. I get it. But, guess what - we don't care! Sorry, not trying to be mean I'm just saying there is nothing worse than a pube in your mouth when you're trying to be sexy and suck cock. There is no graceful way to remove said pube from your mouth/throat and we (well, I know I do) end up gagging ourselves while we try to fish it out. 

Not. Pretty.

So, trim that shit up! I'm not saying you need to get laser hair removal, or wax it smooth. But I don't think I should be forced to go on a jungle-safari to find your cock either. A little trimming does wonders and I'm gauranteed to take it deeper. 

Just sayin' 

The Wife

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Yesterday I received this question:

"So I have been in a relationship for three of my life. We have recently broke up and he says he has made it clear what he wants and that is to swing. Problem is he cheated most of our relationship. Does this solve a cheating partner??? Confused and forty something!"

And here are my thoughts...

First of all, cheating sucks. It hurts and for those who stick around it takes a long time to forgive and even longer to trust again. However, I am not one to tell people how to handle cheating. I firmly believe that I am NOT a judge of what is best for your relationship and I don't think anyone else is either. 

This is not a common stance, a lot of people will tell you to leave, period. Don't look back. Others will say it is possible to work it out if this or that is done. I say, it's different with every couple and unless it is your own relationship it is noneya (as in none of your business). 

Now, do I think swinging is a "cure" for cheating? Let me say this one clearly...


I think the best swing-relationships come from a foundation of trust. That can't happen if you are using swinging to fill the void of cheating. This will lead to drama, and drama is never fun. Especially for your playmate(s)! 

Can it all work out? Sure! I'm certainly no expert on the future but my suggestion is to work on one issue at a time. If/when you fully-forgive your partner for cheating and feel you can trust him/her then maybe down the line you can try it out as you feel comfortable. 

Hope this helps!

The Wife

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crashing the party

Last night was guys night out for The Hubs at a strip club. He never goes out with the guys and I was actively encouraging him to go! I never even thought about joining them. After all, it's called "guys" night is it not? Yet, The BFF decided to tag along with her hubs. For the record this is one of my biggest pet peeves! Not surprisingly soon I got this text from her:

This is what happens when a wife crashes guys-night-out! I had a hard time not saying that. 

So here's the deal ladies...No matter how much you're "one of the guys" you are not a guy! No matter how awesome you are and how cool you are with everything its just not the same. The mood is killed, the vibe is changed and doesn't everyone deserve a night out with just the guys or girls? I'll be honest I don't want your hubs out with the ladies (even if I love him) so what the fuck are you doing out with the guys?

Am I right?

The Wife

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I'll never claim to have a "perfect" marriage. I don't really think those exist because everyone has a different idea of "perfect". I will say I love my life. I love my family and I love the way we trust each other. But even with a strong foundation of trust sometimes insecurities slip in. 

For me, the over thinker that I am, I often wonder if The Hubs is really "Ok" with this or that. Mainly it centers around my flirtation in real life because, let's face it, tis a potentially sticky situation. 

I mean, I know he loves me being naughty, but is he really OK with it crossing over into our real lives?

Many years ago we used to hang out with our two best guy friends almost every night. It would have been a slut's dream if I had been sluttier back then! Three good-looking dudes and me, spending lots of time together. Mmmm (Damnit, talk about lost opportunities!) 

One of the two was one of those people I would describe as "sexually-charged", and his energy often spurred me on. We would make slightly (or hugely) inappropriate jokes and flirt probably more than we should have. The Hubs would often say to me "Geeeeeze, why don't you two just bang already" (haha foreshadowing to our future swinger life I guess)

To my knowledge he wasn't ever truly bothered by the flirtation. But there are two big difference between then and now ... #1. We really are in a swinger life now, so actually fucking someone IS a "real" possibility whereas back then it was a joke. And #2. We're talking 1998-2001ish here, we didn't have text messaging or all that. Any flirting was done front and center in front of everyone to see, with no possibility for picture sharing. Which takes out the "Internet strength" factor. And, truth be told I had significantly less confidence so I am sure my flirting was vanilla by today's standards!

So... what's a girl to do?? Honestly, I often don't act after waaaay overthinking every step of the way. (at least when I'm sober) But I also have to trust that The Hubs is being honest with me about how he feels. Because in the end upsetting my love The Hubs is not worth the fun of the moment. 

The Wife