Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pillow Talk

I've recently heard of an interesting pillow talk situation. In a nutshell pillow talk was shared with friends who had appeared in the fantasies and it got me thinking about pillow talk in general. I think I've mentioned before that I enjoy the pillow talk The Hubs and I engage in. In fact, last Saturday night The Hubs actually stopped fucking me to laugh at how tight my pussy got after he made a comment about The Friend.  ha!

But, unlike in the situation I was told about is that our pillow talk is just for us. Even though people we know in real life make (frequent) appearances in our fantasies doesn't mean I would consider sharing that information with them. And, that goes for The Friend as well - even though he knows way more than anyone else that makes pillow talk pop ins - he doesn't need to know what we're saying in the privacy of our fucking!

Maybe it's just me, but I think pillow talk is for whoever is involved at the moment and no one else.

Am I wrong? Would you share yours with your crushes?

The Wife 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Saturday Night

I had a slumber party last Saturday night. A slumber party with 17 other women.


Well, you should be! It was fun! Of course The Slumber Party I'm talking about was a sex toy party. And, anyway that is way more fun than a real slumber party. The background made this an even more interesting party. The Consultant and I were meeting for the first time, however we have previously talked many times as she and her husband are former potentials playmates.

We found The Consultant and her husband online, and they were great. On all accounts the four of us hit it off very well and kept trying to schedule a meeting. We just couldn't ever find a time that worked for all of us. For a variety of factors our schedules just never worked out. We remained friendly on Facebook, and then I decided it was time for another party. (After all I'm the only one of my vanilla friends who hosts these kinds of things. And some of their husbands need all the help I can give!) I thought of The Consultant and booked a party.

The Hubs and all kids were ushered out of the house, 15 ladies and 2 Consultants arrived and three hours of laughing and drinking (and drinking....) passed quickly. A friend of mine recently started making cake pops, so I asked her to make penis cake pops... of course I had to try them out...

Most of you are probably men and are trying to figure out why in the world I'm telling you all of this.. well when you host a sex toy party you get a bunch of new toys. And the best part of this company is that I got to pick it out right then if I wanted to. I got a lot of credit to shop, so I wanted to look over everything, but I knew right away I wanted this one... 

This is The Anal Stimulator. It has a bullet inside the end, so you get some vibration along with the stimulation. All I had to do was wait for The Hubs to return from his guys-night-out.

He got home and we smoked and caught up on the gossip of the night. Pretty soon he was fingering my sopping wet pussy (hello, hours of foreplay!) and we began to play. The Hubs got out the new toy and lubed it up. I got out my Hitachi and started to play with myself. Once the new toy was in my ass The Hubs slid his hard cock into my pussy and I felt it clamp down hard around him. He started fucking me harder while I had the vibrating ass and clit. My whole body was on fire as I came time and time again on his cock as he pounded me.  Then without much transition I realized The Hubs had slipped the new toy out of my ass and his cock had replaced it. I was so wet he didn't need any lube and soon he was fucking the hell out of my ass while I kept cumming over and over from his hard cock and the Hitachi in combination.

That's my kind of Saturday night...

The Wife

Monday, January 2, 2012

Slut check

I've told you before of my flirtatious nature in my "vanilla" life. But, I'm very aware that my BFFs are not in the lifestyle - and there is a fine line in vanilla life between fun friend who flirts and that slut (and in vanilla life, slut is not good) that is always getting drunk and obnoxious. (Clearly I'm hoping to be the first, rather than the second)

Just before Christmas every year we go to a dinner party with our friends. There are 4 married couples and it is always a well spent few hours of good wine, great food and amazing friends. So, fast forward to just the other night when The Hubs and I start looking through the online photo album sent by The BFF from the night. Picture after picture finds me hanging all over the men and some of the women! And one after another I say things like "ohh yea" and "I don't remember that at all" and The Hubs begins to fill in the blanks. The blanks include a time when I stood amongst the circle of cigar smoking boys and just pulling my boob out for a while. No reason, just letting it have some air I suppose!

My inner vanilla conscious was screaming at me. So I reached out to The BFF, to let her be my gauge of appropriateness. (a. If anyone else had issue they'd tell her... b. she tells me straight and c. as usual i was hanging on her hub! Lol) Her response? "oh, please you didn't do anything out of the ordinary"


Well, I guess they all just expect me to be slutty, and they're ok with it. I still think I'll do a double check on my vanilla filter... Just to make sure my halo is still on straight!

The Wife

Question & Answer

What's the status of the no show friend? Is it awkward?
No! At least not yet... 
We've seen each other one time in person since the no-call-no-show night, but we've talked since then. It took a like 2 weeks for the drunk texting to start back up. I let him take the lead on these because I want to always be conscious that not everyone lives in the lifestyle The Hubs and I do, so I don't want to push.  
Now, had I shown any sign of uncomfort I think The Friend would turn awkward quickly. But that's not my style and really, let's think about it - what is there to be awkward about? We haven't done anything! I haven't even sent him naked pics or anything so really, it's all been flirting - and let's face it - I do that every day of the week!
Oh, but I did get a pic of the tip of his cock this weekend... at least he said it was - it's so close you can only see that it is flesh - could be his thumb! Love drunk texting! lol
Keep the questions coming!
The Wife